Thanksgiving Primary Singing Time Ideas

You're looking for Thanksgiving Primary Singing Time Ideas, right???

Good, you're in the right spot!

We've compiled some of our favorite Thanksgiving themed Singing Time Ideas all in one place!

So here they are!

1-Thankful Turkey Feathers.

Start by having the turkey (body only) on the chalkboard and feathers on the table or podium.  Call up a reverent child to come pick out a feather and put it on the turkey (tape or sticky tack).  That same child tells something they're thankful for (or their favorite thing to eat at Thanksgiving dinner), add the feather, and sing a song. Click HERE for the original post.

2-"Search" Ponder and DIG!  

Can you find the song in the dried corn??????

Call up a reverent child to get 15 seconds to try to find a song in the corn, maybe 20 for Junior.

Sing that song once it's found!

Be sure to put down a sheet or small tarp below the bucket so that it can be an easy cleanup in case some spill out!

Click HERE for the original post.

3-Sing Children All over the World! 

Click HERE for more pictures of the visuals and how to introduce this song!

4-Gobble Gobble Turkey.  

Let the children feed Turkey as you sing!  But only the children who are singing their best of course!  Instructions for this Singing Time found HERE on our site.

5-Catch the Turkey!

One child goes out in the hall for a minute while another child hides the Turkey! The rule is that it has to be visible (so no sitting on him, or in a book or something). Call the child in the hall back in the room and start singing a song.  Have the children sing SOFT when they are far away from finding the Turkey and have them sing LOUD when they are close to catching the Turkey!  Click HERE to go to the original post.

6-Pumpkin Pie Turn.

Call up a reverent child and have them turn the pie piece to reveal the next song!  Click HERE for instructions!

7-Armoured Turkey.

This singing time is to help Turkey arm up to protect himself and to help the children review the Armor of God that THEY can put on to protect their Spirits.  Click HERE for more details and where to get the graphics.

8-Shake things up!

Fill up a clear container with dried corn and call up some reverent helpers to come shake the beat to the next song or song your working on this month!!!!  Click HERE for the original post.

9-Thanksgiving Headband.

Call up a child to wear the headband, then stick the word/paper on it so they can't see it.  Have the Primary children sing the song WITHOUT singing THAT word.  See if the child wearing the headband can guess what the missing word was.  If not, sing it again doing the same thing OR have the children sing that word LOUD and obvious :)  Click HERE for the original post.

10-Brother Turkey CAN Sing!

It's always fun to have a special visitor to Primary!  Check out this Turkey puppet idea HERE on our site!

11-Candy Bar Singing Time!

This one is perfect for using any leftover candy after Halloween!!!  Each candy bar represents something we can be thankful for AND a song to sing!  Click HERE for more details.

12-Whip Cream Toss.

Every Pumpkin Pie needs a dab of whipped cream on top, right???

Tape the Pie on the chalkboard and let the child throw the "whipped cream" (cotton ball) onto the pie.  Call up a child who is singing their best and being reverent to come up to the front and toss!  Click HERE for more instructions.

13-Popcorn Turkey.

Use the Popcorn bags as shakers for children to shake the beat in the front of the Primary room.  Let them take them home and pop them in the microwave and watch turkey's belly get bigger and bigger!!!  Original post HERE.

14- Primary Thanksgiving Songs.

Did you know there's lots of Thanksgiving themed song from The Friend?  Find the link to all the songs and some helpful song lists on our post HERE.

15- Turkey Shoot!  

Idea found HERE on our site!

16-Fill the Cornucopia.

This is a great way to get the children thanking about their blessing that surround them everyday and being grateful!

Idea HERE on our site!

17-T H A N K S G I V I N G.

Have letters that spell 'Thanksgiving' and put them around the room. On the back of each letter, write a song.  Let a child choose a letter and put it on the board.  Then sing the song.  Have the children see if they can put the word together!!!  Original Post H E R E :)

18-I am Glad for Many Things.

This is an activity you can do for singing time while singing the song, I am Glad for Many Things CS151.
While you are singing, pass around a bag full of different blessings.  When the song stops, let the child holding the bag pick out a blessing and tell everyone what it is.  For ideas to put in the bag, CLICK HERE.

We hope this list will help give you some inspiration to your Thanksgiving Singing Time! and we hope to add to this list with more ideas next year!  Have an idea that's worked well for your Primary?  We'd love to hear it!!!!!


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