Pumpkin Pie Turn

It's tradition!  You just gotta have PUMPKIN PIE at Thanksgiving!!!!!  So why not use it for a Singing Time in November?? :)

To make this Pumpkin Pie Turn, you'll need two white poster boards, cut in identical circle sizes.  Color one to look like a pumpkin pie - leave the other one white, divide slices, and song title on each piece.  Put a brad in the middle so that you can rotate the top from the bottom without them sliding apart.

Call up a reverent child and have them turn the pie to reveal the next song!

The pie slices could also be ways to sing a song (stand on one foot, eyes closed, hum, etc. OR put a song that you're working on written on 2 or 3 slices - so that it can be repeated).

To see a quick video on how it turns, check on our Instagram page!

mmmmmm.. now I'm hungry for PIE!!!!!!


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