Stached under the stache

Draw different faces on white paper plates with a  permanent marker.  Add a brownie for the mustache with a song written underneath it.  Call up a child and have them choose a plate.  With their hands behind their back, have them pick up the mustache (brownie) with their mouth, revealing the song to sing underneath!!!  Yummy...

You can also choose a child to come and help lead the song with a mustache!

Here and here are the PDF of these, as my husband would say, "AWESOME" mustaches.


  1. so funny! I think I'll do this one next week ON Father's Day. And I am not sure how actual brownies will go kids would be so rowdy to be the one that got picked to come eat it. Plus we have lots of kids who can't have sugar, allergies. etc.
    So I think I'd just make mine out of paper and let them come pick a mustache.

    cute idea.

  2. This is so adorable! Thanks for sharing! I am having trouble downloading the pdf for the mustaches for some reason.