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Job Primary Singing Time

 Job was a fly guy.

Like creases in a paper, TRIALS can make us stronger and help us fly!

In Singing Time, quickly discuss how creases make paper stronger - and the quote above.  Make paper airplanes with song titles written on the wings.  Call up two children to throw two (one each child) across the room.  Whichever plane goes farthest, is the song to sing!!! ✈️✈️✈️

I plan to pass out this handout at the end of Singing Time.  My hope is that they will take it home to discuss Job and read the scriptures with their family - and of course, have a paper airplane throwing contest!!!!!


Summer : Primary Singing Time Idea

 Water Balloons!

That should grab their attention!

This summer has been soooo HOT!!!  Let's cool down!

Bring 8 water balloons to Primary filled with a song to sing inside.  I ended up just putting a number (not the actual song title) inside.  I taped the top and bottom  of the small paper to make it water proof. 

Call up a child to come pop the balloon and reveal the song inside!  Also, bring some fun summer accessories and let another child come up and help lead the song.  Some ideas are a sun hat, sunglasses, towel, swim flippers, goggles, etc.


David & Goliath : Primary Singing Time Idea

 David & Goliath : Primary Singing Time Idea

Before David faced the giant, Goliath, he gathered FIVE smooth stones from a brook (1 Samuel 17:40).

For Primary, I chose a name from our choosing sticks.  That child got 5 (paper) stones - 5 chances to hit Goliath.  

If they hit him, they got to pick a song from the board.  If they missed, I chose the song to sing.

My kids had a lot of fun with this and in between songs I made sure to talk more about David and his courage, faith, and bravery.  

At the end, I made sure to tell them that this is not only a neat story in the scriptures - but that we can learn from it.  When we are faced with challenges, the Lord with give us strength to accomplish them if they be His will.

(my awesome and talented artistic Primary President made/drew Goliath)


Father's Day Primary Singing Time Idea

 Father's Day Primary Singing Time Idea

I drew different dad's on the chalkboard and taped paper ties to their collars.  Each tie had a song to sing on the back.  

At the end of Primary, I told the kids I made a deal with a member of the bishopric that if we sang our monthly Primary song we were learning (I Will be Valiant) reeeeally good, that he would let us cut off his "favorite" tie.  

Obviously, they did it!!!

This a fun shot my Primary President took.  (This is my husband:)) It was a lot of fun!


Ruth : Primary Singing Time Idea

 KINDNESS CANDYGRAM for Primary Singing Time! 🍭🍬

Call up a reverent child to pick a candy bar from a bag.  See if the Primary can guess were it goes correctly.  Sing a song per candy bar.

In the end, hand out Smarties (Be “smarties”. Be kind) and bear testimony of Ruth and about the importance of being kind to others.


Mt Sinai Primary Singing Time

 In Exodus 25, the Lord commanded Moses to go up to Mount Sinai.  Once there, He met with him and gave him commandments.

Help our “Primary Moses” get to the top of Mount Sinai by singing 🎶🎵

The better they sing, the higher he goes!!!

I plan to choose a reverent child to come move Moses as we sing our Mother’s Day songs this week (Mother, I Love You and Dearest Names). I also want to sing the song Saturday and talk about keeping the Sabbath Day holy.

Another way to use this is to use Moses as the singing meter (control the volume of the song) - the higher he is, the louder they sing!

*you could also do some YODELING as a warm up to Singing Time 🏔

(view of the back)

I hope this inspires someone this week and good luck on your Singing Time!!


Ten Commandments Primary Singing Time Idea


Ten Commandments Primary Singing Time Idea!

Pretty easy one here!  Call up a reverent child to come reveal how to sing the song!  Here are the ways that I picked out to sing :)