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Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors Primary Singing Time Idea

 This Singing Time is a simple and fun one .. and yummy!

At the start of Singing Time, explain that Jacob loved his son, Joseph very much and gave him a specail gift - a coat of many colors.

To incorporate this into Singing Time, separate skittle colors into their individual colors.  Call up a child to cover their eyes.  Pick one color of skittle, put it in their other hand, let them eat it and guess the color that it was!

If they were right, they get to pick the Primary song to sing.  If they guess incorrect, YOU get to pick the song!  My Primary children had a lot of fun with this!

At the end, explain that Joseph's older brothers were jealous of Joseph and were very mean to him.  in the end, Joseph was nice and forgiving back to them!  Later in life, when his brothers were starving from a famine, Joseph helped them get food.  

Send the Primary children home with a small bag of skittles - just as Joseph shared!


Jacob's Ladder Love One Another

 This week in Come Follow Me, it covers the scripture story of Jacob's dream of the ladder going up to heaven.

It's also the start of a new month and song - so I've incorporated a singing lesson for both things!  

This month, I have chosen to teach Love Another and the sign language for it.

I've printed out the signing from the Primary Children's song book, cut the lines into strips, and hot glued them onto cardboard.

To start, I will cover up the words with another short strip of paper, sign the first line of the song, and let the children will guess which line I signed.  Once they've guess it, I will put it on the ladder and teach them how to sing it, and sign it.  

Then I will do the same for the second, line - sign it, let them guess, add it to the ladder, teach the words and signs.  Then sing and sign the first and second lines together.

Repeat for the third and fourth lines.

Once they've learned the whole song, choose a child to take one of the lines OFF the ladder.  See if they can remember the signs without watching you!  Repeat until all lines are off.

At the end, bare testimony that just as it takes STEPS to learn the signs and words of a song, it takes STEPS to get back to heaven.  Baptism, temple work, keeping the commandments, etc. are all steps we need to take to get back to the highest degree of the celestial kingdom.

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Happy Singing!


Kindness and Camels


In the Genesis, there is the story of Rebekah and how she gave water to Abraham's servant and his TEN camels.  Her hard work and act of kindness has always impressed me.  Camels can drink up to 20 gallons at a time and water is h e a v y!!!

This week in Primary, we are going to use this story to have a SINGING TIME - implementing kindness and camels. 

I will call up a reverent child and they will choose a camel to "drink".  As you pull down the tab on the bottom, it will look like the water is going down and will also reveal a Primary song to sing.  

Each song I've chosen can be related back to KINDNESS.

Here is my list:

Jesus Said Love Everyone
Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam
Love One Another
Kindness Begins With Me
Follow the Prophet (Abraham verse)
I'll Walk With You
We are Different
I'm Trying to be Like Jesus
If You're Happy
Choose the Right Way

(The drink papers are made to just be stuck with a magnet on the chalkboard, then when the cup is chosen, hold with finger, remove magnet, and pull down.)  

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

At the end, or in between songs, here are a few questions you can ask the children to get them thinking about being kind.

How has kindness been shown to you today?

How have YOU shown kindness to someone today?

How does it feel when someone is kind to you?  How does it feel when someone is unkind to you?

What can you do to show kindness at home today?  How can you show kindness to your sibling? Parents?  Friends?

Do you think Jesus is kind?

Here are the images I used for the camels and cups (found on Google Images): 

I printed them on white cardstock.

There are lots of fun ideas you can use with this "camel drink" idea.  Other thoughts that came across my mind are using straws to lead or blow into (like a kazoo), use cups as beats/rhythm, have a child drink water and have the song taped on the OUTSIDE bottom of the cup.

Anywho, this is what we're doing this week.  Hopefully this helps someone else out!  Have a great Singing Time this week!  You're efforts don't go unnoticed!  


Winter Olympics Yoga | Primary Singing Time

 This is a fun and easy winter Primary Singing Time Idea to try!!!  And what better time than now when the Winter Olympics are going on!?!  

This Singing Time activity is perfect for singing a variety of songs, or for practicing your monthly song over-and-over that you're learning for the program.

All you have to do is print the event poses and hold the pose as you sing the song!  Easy!  

(sometimes we all need an easy singing time prep week).  

Well, here you go!  CLICK HERE for the pdf.  

(These designs were made by the amazing Michelle Nelson)

All of them are pretty self explanatory  - the hockey pose is the goalie holding the stick in front.  

Passing out a gold metal to put around their necks would be fun at the end!

But let us know if you have any questions and have a great Ssssinging ttttime!!  Woah, did it just get chilly in here???


Noah's Ark Primary Singing Time


It wasn't raining when I started this carboard ark.....  

Here's a quick step by step of how I made it :)

I started with a old oven cardboard box.  Used 8.5x11 paper and traced some "windows".

Here's the outline of the ark.  I kept the flaps on the very bottom the help sturdy it when I stand it up on the floor. I only cut three sides of the windows to create a "flap" effect.  I also cut a small hole to help pull it back in place.

I cut two shaped like this for the top and hot glued them together - then glued onto the rest of the ark.

I used a yard stick and traced around the edges of everything.

Then painted.

My ward is the first one in the building so I plan to set this up Saturday night.  I will put chairs behind it and also cut two slits on the ark to be able to tie a string from the ark to the chair and secure it.


And this is what I plan to do for Singing Time:

First, I'll show a picture of the prophet, Noah, and quickly tell details of his story.  Then we'll sing the third verse of Follow the Prophet.

I'll tell the children, don't worry I've already built the ark, now we just need to load some animals
before the RAIN comes...

I'll call up two children to be the MOUSE and a LION.  They will be handed a clipart picture of their animal.

These children will sit behind the ark and take turns opening their window.  One at a time, they will open their window and be the mouse or lion. When the child who is the mouse opens their window, the rest of the children will sing quietly (third verse of Follow the Prophet) and when he child who is the lion opens their window, everyone will sing LOUD.

We will do this same thing for a SNAIL and RABBIT.  Snail means sing SLOW, rabbit means sing FAST.


 I will tell retell about Noah and how after he loaded the animals, the RAIN came.

 We will have a "RAIN STORM" (turn lights off and create a rain storm with hands) 

Here are the steps:

1-Rub your hands together back and forth (drizzle)
2-Snap your fingers (rain drops)
3-Pat your hands on your thighs (bigger drops)
4-Stomp your feet (heavy rain drops)
5-Stomp your feet and pat your hands on your legs (the intensity and peak of the storm)
6-Stomp your feet
7-Pat your hands on your thighs
8-Snap your fingers
9-Rub your hands back and forth
10-Silence and stillness


If there's time, we will then sing The Wise Man and Foolish Man or the second verse of Give Said the Little Stream.  Another great song is "Oh Noah!" by Shawna Edwards.

Lastly, I will tell them of the RAINBOW and God's promise and we will sing WHEN I AM BAPTIZED as the closing song.  For instructions on actions (creating a rainbow) or how to teach this song, CLICK HERE.

Whew!  Not much time today for this weeks post, but I had to share!  Good luck with your singing time!!!!


Enoch Primary Singing Time

In this weeks Come, Follow Me Primary Lesson, we are learning about ENOCH and his righteous people.  In Moses chapter 7 verse 69, the scriptures tell us that Moses and his people went up to live with Heavenly Father.

So for this week in Primary Singing Time, I thought it would be fun to have our songs "go to heaven".  But only if they're GOOD enough of course.

Start by singing the 2nd verse of FOLLOW THE PROPHET and quickly explain the story of how Enoch and his people of Zion were so GOOD and of one heart and one mind, that they went up to live in heaven!

Bring 7 balloons with the song titles written on them (I do Junior and Senior singing time so I will bring 14 balloons total).

(My permanent marker was on it's last leg.. don't judge.  It's just baaaaarely legible :))

Pick one balloon (or let a child pick one).  Sing that song - but use the balloon as a fun singing meter as you sing it.  So as you are singing the song, pull the balloon low (have children sing soft and quietly) and let it raise high (sing loudly).   Up and down throughout the whole song.

If they sang the song "GOOD" enough, let the balloon either:
1-Let it go and hit the ceiling of the primary room 
2-(this is what I will be doing) Let the song balloon go out the window and go to heaven!!!!!

The songs I've chosen to sing are:

I Know My Father Lives (our monthly song)
I'll Walk With You
I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus
A Happy Family
Our Primary Colors
Love One Another

After each song is sung, I like to talk about the words they convey and mean.  So I will quickly talk/discuss the words' meaning after we sing it and also how Enoch and his people must have followed their words as well.

I hope this helps inspire someone this week!  Good luck with your singing time!!!!!

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2022 Primary Singing Time Weekly Calendar

 2022 Primary Singing Time Weekly Calendar

Hello!!!! and welcome to 2022 Primary Singing Time!!!!  I personally am so excited to be learning the Old Testament this year and being able to learn and sing in Primary Singing Time with the children!!!  I've already started planning out the monthly song and singing activities :)  

I'm not sure if anymore likes to plan out like me, but I really find having a weekly calendar is SOOO helpful!  This way, I don't have to plan Singing Time EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT (well, at least not as much ;)).

So here is the link to the printable 12 month calendar for any music leader that would like one.  I like to print it off, write the holidays in, General Conference, Stake Conferences, Sunday's that we will be singing (Easter Sunday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc),  This truly helps me be organized and prepared.

Find the link for printing one for you HERE.  Happy Singing!!!!!

**To find list of all the 2022 suggested Primary songs, click HERE