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The Temple is the House of the Lord

In this weeks CFM lesson, it talks about Isaiah's prophecy about "the mountain of the house of the Lord".  So we thought it would make a good week for incorporating the TEMPLE in Singing Time!

To help the children understand what happens inside the temple, there is a great visual in this week's lesson (found HERE on lds.org).

Print it out, color, cut, laminate and tape on the doors.  

(I ended up cutting off the tabs and skipping the slits by just taping on the doors.)  

Inside the doors, put a Primary song title.  Choose a child being reverent to come up and look inside a door, read the outside door, explain the picture inside and sing the song that is listed.

Some examples of songs that could be listed in the doors are:

Eternal Marriage: I Love to See the Temple
Confirmations for the Dead:  The Hearts of the Children
Sealing of Families:  Families Can be Together Forever
Baptisms for the Dead: Truth from Elijah
He will teach us of His ways:  Teach me to Walk in the Light of His Love

Again this is a great and fun way to help the sweet Primary children understand what happens in the temple and its importance. 

End with bearing your testimony of the temple and what it means to you and the Spirit is sure to be felt!


Sing-It to Win-It Valentine's: Primary Singing Time Idea

Our Sing-it to Win-it went so well with our New Year's version in Primary that we thought it could be great for VALENTINE'S too!

So the point of this singing activity is to have a child (or children) do a certain task before the end of the song that is being sung.  So as the music leader, you choose the song to sing and then a selected child (who wants to) gets to complete a task and tries to do it before the end of the song.

Make sense?  Ok.  So here is a list we came up with of some fun Valentine's activities/challenges to do before the end of each Primary song:

1 - X's, no O's - HUG everyone in the room (or high five - if not comfortable).

Remember!  before the end of the song :)

2 - Cupid's tower - stack as many conversation hearts on top of each other as you can before the end of the song.

3 - Unwrap the Kiss - unwrap at least one hershey kiss before the end of the song - using only ONE HAND!

4 - Heart to Heart - For this activity, place 2 napkins on the classroom table, one having 10 conversation hearts on it.  Also set out a straw.

The task is to have a child use the straw and suck up a heart and transplant it to the other napkin.  Try to move all 10 hearts before the end of the next song!

5 - Ring around the Rosies - set out some water bottles with roses taped onto the front of them, set up like bowling pins, have a child try to make a ring around 3 of the roses.

6 - Cupid's Arrow - Using a toy bow and arrow, try to knock off 3 hershey kisses from the table.  Have the child stand at a designated distance.

7 - One True Love - Before Primary, gather 20 hershey kisses.  On the bottom of one of them, draw a small heart.  During the song, have the child look under the kisses one at a time.  If it has a heart under it, they win.  If not, they have to eat it and continue looking.

8 - Perfect Match - Match different broken paper hearts together before the end of the next song.

9 - Blow Me a Kiss - Set 3 hershey kisses on the table.  Using a straw, have the child blow all three kisses to the other end of the table.

We hope you have a wonderful V A L E N T I N E ' S Primary Singing Time and don't forget to let your Primary children know how much you LOVE them, and how much the Lord and Jesus Christ LOVE them!!!!!


Simple Primary Singing Time Ideas for Valentine's

Needing some easy Valentine's Primary Singing Time Ideas????  We got you covered!  Take a gander and some quick ideas that you can do in a giffy in your Primary!!!

Primary Love Language - Scramble up the letters to some of the Primary Songs about LOVE.  Print them out on word strips and display one at a time on the board.  As soon as they unscramble the song, sing it.

Some ideas for songs are:  Jesus Said Love Everyone, Love is Spoken Here, Love One Another, Reverence is Love, Where Love Is, I'll Walk With You, I Feel My Savior's Love, Families Can Be Together Forever, My Heavenly Father Loves Me, This is My BeLOVEd Son, etc.

Songs of Love - Sing only songs about Love and Kindness (see song list above).  If the children hear the word love or kindness, have them place their hand on their heart.

Perfect Match - For Junior Primary, display different broken paper hearts on the chalkboard.  Choose a child to some find a match.  On the back of each whole heart, have a song title written on it.  Sing that song once the match is found.

For Senior, an option (to make it harder!) is to have some some lyrics on the front of the heart.  Have a child come see if they can match one together and then sing that song.

Heart Beat - have the children keep the beat by patting on their heart.  You could also have one child come and lead the song with Brother Heart Beat found HERE on iheartprimarymusic.

A Valentine for Bishop! - During each song have one class come up and draw/write on a big paper heart.  They can draw a picture or write a message.  Sing a song for each class.  At the end of Primary, deliver the Primary Valentine to the Bishop!

Stuck on you - Stick Post-it Notes on the chalkboard shaped into a heart.  On the back of some of the post-it's, write a song title.  On some of the others, keep blank.  And on some draw a heart.

Call up one child and that child gets to choose/pick 3 post-it notes.

If a child chooses one with a:

heart - have them tell the Primary something they love,

blank - nothing,

and if it has a song title, sing that song.

President Nelson PuzzlePut together President Nelson’s life puzzle (puzzle from ayearofFHE HERE).  Sing a song for each puzzle piece!

Cootie Catcher - Call up a child to play the Valentine's Cootie Catcher.  Have them answer the simple question inside and then sing the song.  Find the printable and more instructions on our original post HERE.

Heart Attack - Give heart stickers sheets to all the teachers.  If the children in their class are singing well, have them stick a sticker on the children.  Repeat for each song.

(This is his "cheese" smile :) )

There are many ways to incorporate VALENTINE'S Day into your Primary Singing Time, but these are just a few easy ideas we thought of.  Hopefully they can help inspire you for yours!  Let us know if you have another idea or if you try any of these and HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!


Nephi's Courage: Primary Singing Time Idea

If I had to write down my TOP 5 favorite Primary songs (which would be extremely difficult because I have soooo many favorites), this song would be on there!!!!

I remember singing this as a child and feeling so strong and proud, that I too, would be courageous like Nephi and Go and Do as the Lord commands!!!

He truly does prepare a way for the things He asks us to do.  I see it all the time in my life and recognize the way that things in my life seem to always work out as I do my best to serve Him.

I am sooooo excited to introduce this song in Primary.  And I feel the importance, more than ever, in teaching the meaning of this song and its words to help build the Primary children's faith and courage in the Lord.  I hope with all my heart and in prayer that I can be an instrument in doing this.

I've thought and pondered a lot on how to teach this song - even though I think the senior already know the tune and most the words - and this was the idea that I kept coming back to.

So here's how I plan to sing this wonderful and fun song by Bill N. Hansen Jr. and Lisa T. Hansen. 

Nephi's Courage:

To start, I will need 4 children to come to the front of the Primary room and hold up their mask. Have them each hold the corresponding visual ie, plates, gates, etc (printables HERE).

Then, we will sing the first verse and chorus

  1.  The Lord commanded Nephi to go and get the plates
    From the wicked Laban inside the city gates.
    Laman and Lemuel were both afraid to try.
    Nephi was courageous. This was his reply:
  2. “I will go; I will do the thing the Lord commands.
    I know the Lord provides a way; he wants me to obey.
    I will go; I will do the thing the Lord commands.
    I know the Lord provides a way; he wants me to obey.”

We will sing the verse with Nephi getting the plates from Laban and Laman and Lemuel will hold a sign that says "Afraid" and look afraid.  

For the chorus, "Nephi"  will hold up the blurb that looks like he is responding to the Lord's command.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Second verse:

The Lord commanded Nephi to go and build a boat.
Nephi’s older brothers believed it would not float.
Laughing and mocking, they said he should not try.
Nephi was courageous. This was his reply:

We will need 3 different children to be:  Nephi and Laman and Lemuel.  They will hold the corresponding pictures and words HERE.

Have Nephi hold up the picture of the boat.  Laman and Lemuel hold the blurb that says, "It will not float".  Then, they laugh and point.  Nephi, looks courageous, and will hold up chorus blurb (Go and Do).  See the link above for the visuals.

It will probably help if you can point to the certain characters as their part is sung.

You may want to pick older children to act as Laman and Lemuel so they know when to laugh and point.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

For the third verse,

The Lord gives us commandments and asks us to obey.
Sometimes I am tempted to choose another way.
When I’m discouraged, and think I cannot try,
I will be courageous, and I will reply:

Call up 4 children to each hold a paper of the song visuals - pages found HERE.

For the Color Printable masks CLICK HERE.

For the Black and White printables CLICK HERE. (because we all know we need to save our ink haha!).  

(I printed mine in black and white and then colored with chalk.)

As with all ideas on here, we hope to be able to inspire other music leaders that are looking for sparks of inspiration for their Singing Time and hope to help get juices flowing!

Wishing you COURAGE in your Singing Time :)

much love,


Primary Valentine Cootie Catcher

Did you used to play with these when you were a kid????  I did!

I made them alllll the time  (... and I guess, in a way, I still do!!!)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We figured it would be a fun way thing to use for the Sunday before/on Valentine's Day in Primary.

Kids can be so funny about "cooties" so let's catch some love (songs!).

Print out our Valentine Cootie Catcher HERE.  Cut and fold.

During Primary, call up a child to choose one of the first four squares (LOVE, VALENTINE, FLOWERS, OR IHEARTYOU.)

Move the paper piece as many letters that is has.

Let them choose a number, move the catcher that many times.

Have them pick one more number and read what's inside!

There is a question to ask first and a corresponding song to sing.

Have fun playing and singing these songs about LOVE!!!

***Looking for more Valentine's Primary Singing Time Ideas????

Check out our list of Simple Valentine Singing Time Ideas HERE.

and our Sing-It to Win-It Valentine's HERE.

We LOVE that you're here on iheartprimarymusic!  Please come back soon!!!!


Liahona Song Search: A Primary Singing Time Idea

In First Nephi Chapter 16, a ball or director was given to Lehi and his family to help guide their way through the wilderness, over the sea and to the Promised Land.  It had messages from time to time from the Lord and was called, the Liahona.

In part of verse ten, it reads:

10 And it came to pass that as my father arose in the morning, and went forth to the tent door, to his great astonishment he beheld upon the ground a round aball of curious workmanship; and it was of fine brass. 

Today we're going to use our "Primary Liahona" to help find our songs to sing for Singing Time!!!!

(fun fact:  Did you know the name of the ball, the "Liahona", isn't disclosed until Alma 37:38?)

Before Primary, print out THESE Liahona visuals.  One is the "Liahona".  Print on gold/yellow paper (I printed mine on a manilla envelope), cut, and laminate.  Do the same with the circle and place it on the back.  Put a brad in the center to keep them together as you spin.  We also included a blank circle in with the document, so that if you'd like to make your own wording, you can.

You will also need to place song titles of choice in the coordinating locations in the Primary room (ie. the piano, podium, chalkboard, etc.)

During Singing Time, call up a reverent helper to be the one to find the song, the "finder".  Spin the Liahona to the first song clue.  Read what it says.  Let the "finder" listen and go find the next song title in the hidden place.  Of course, the other Primary children can listen and help along the way!  

Then, sing the song that was found and turn the liahona for the next clue!

****new addition to this post!  One of our viewers had a great idea to provide small Liahonas to write the song titles on to be found!  Thanks MelAnie!  CLICK HERE for a google doc for small versions of the Liahona.

We hope your children have fun with this Singing Time and learning about the Liahona.  Make sure to tell them the Liahona wouldn't work if Lehi's family wasn't being good and keeping the commandments.  We ALL need to be good, kind to one another, and keep the commandments so that WE can hear God's messages through the Holy Ghost and be guided back to heaven.

You could send them home with this Liahona dot-to-dot from the 1987 June Friend to do with their families during their CFM lesson :)

We hope your Primary children have fun with this Liahona Song Search for Singing Time!!!

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Hold to the Rod!: A Book of Mormon Primary Singing Time Idea

For this week and next in the Come, Follow Me-Book of Mormon manual, it is focused on the chapters of Lehi and Nephi's vision of the Tree of Life (1 Nephi chapters 8-15).

In this beautiful and detailed vision, people are led to a Tree by clinging onto an Iron Rod.  If they did not cling to it (hold tightly continually), they would be led away to different paths and directions.

The Tree of Life and its fruit represent the Love of God and ETERNAL LIFE and the Rod of Iron represents the WORD OF GOD.

This vision is so powerful and meaningful for US today! So let's use it during singing time to help the children understand its importance!

To help visualize and get the kids involved, we thought it would be fun to use a "balloon blow" activity!

At the start of Primary, briefly explain the vision and what the tree, its fruit, and rod represent.  You might want to show a picture of the representation of this vision.  Also explain that eternal life (the fruit) is living with our families of Heavenly Father again and that the Word of God (the rod) are things that contain the words of Heavenly Father.  These include the words in the scriptures, general conference, and words of the prophets.

For Singing Time tell the children we are going to help the boy get to the tree of life!!!!!!  He's clinging on but needs some help moving forward!  We're going to help him by singing songs that will help build a testimony and that are about the scriptures!!!!

Examples of songs to sing for this are: Scripture Power, Book of Mormon Stories, Books in the Book of Mormon,  Search Ponder and Pray, Seek the Lord Early, The Eighth Article of Faith, A Young Man Prepared, etc.

Before Primary, put up a long string with a straw looped in it.  At the end one end of the string have a picture of the Tree of Life.  I taped one side, but used a stand for the other to make it more stable.

For Singing Time, have a selection of songs that you'd like to sing, choose a song and start singing, and as the children sing, blow up a balloon with a balloon pump.  The better they sing the words, volume, and attentiveness, blow the balloon bigger!!!!  If they start to decline, let some air out.

At the end of the song, tape the balloon to the straw along with the paper boy printout (designed by Michelle at iheartprimarymusic).  Print HERE.

(The Tree of Life visual was found in the January 2011 Friend on page 41 HERE.)

Clip the end of the balloon with a clip.  It works great to fold the end of the opening of the balloon and then clip it.   This prevents any air escaping, before the child is ready to come up and let it go.

Have a child come up and on the count of three, pinch the clip and let the balloon go!!!!!!!!

The purpose is to have enough air in the balloon to get the boy to the Tree of Life!

HE MADE IT!!!!!!

Repeat with however much time you have for Singing Time.

At the end, make sure to share your testimony of clinging on to the Rod - reading the scriptures EVERYDAY and throughout their lives!!!!!  Staying true to Heavenly Father's commandments will lead up to the temple and happiness and ultimately living in heaven with God.

*Side note: I suggest you try this at home first - it took me and my boys a couple tries to get the system down.  My boys LOVED helping and doing this activity!  They ended up naming the boy, George :)

We hope ALL of you amazing music leaders are, as well, doing your best to CLING TO THE ROD!!!!!  READ YOUR SCRIPTURES EVERYDAY!!!!  You are amazing and keep up your great work in Primary!!!!


***What do you think of our HOLD TO THE ROD idea????  Make sure to share, pin, comment - it's what keeps up going!!!!!

(original Balloon Blow idea found, HERE from littleldsideas - such a fun site!)