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Back to School Primary Singing Time

 Hello everyone!!!  Looking for an easy Back to School Primary Singing Time Idea?

...aaaaand practice songs for the Primary Program????

This might be the post you're looking for!

My life has been busier than ever and maybe yours has too - that means some weeks I need an idea that's easy, fast, and yet still fun and engaging.

This is what we did this week in Singing Time:

I had a brown paper sack on the table.  I told the kids that we were going to play a Back to School game and sing!

I pulled out the Back to School items, one by one, and set them on the table.  

I chose one child to come up and pick an item, then picked another child to be the "finder".  The finder went out in the hall, then the other child hid the item.  Calling the child back into the Primary room, we sang the chosen song (we chose I Wonder When He Comes Again to practice).  Whispering when the "finder child" was far away from the item and singing loud when they got closer.

Easy Hot N' Cold game, right?

Well, if your Senior Primary is like mine, they are reeeeeally good finders.  So I thought it could be fun to save the calculator for the last time (or 2 last times) for the game.  Type a number on the calculator, then hide it.  When they find it, they also have to find the same cooresponding page number in the Children's Song Book before the end of the song being sung!

For the closing song, I chose a reverent child to come up and lead with the ruler :)

- - -  - - - - - -  - - - - - -  - - - - - - -

ANOTHER BACK TO SCHOOL IDEA is to buy PENCILS for each child (unsharpened!). Pass them out. 

-Let them led with their pencils for the first song, 
-Drum on their chair (or floor) for the next, 
-Baton twirl between fingers for one song (tell them to hold the pencil like they’re going to write something, then rotate it around so the eraser end is down, then repeat -only use one hand!),
-Inchworm (with one hand, inch the fingers like an inchworm from the eraser end to the tip and back).  
-Before church put a star on one of the erasers (let that child come up and lead in front for a song).

What other ideas can YOU come up with for pencils in Singing Time???  We'd love to hear! and we hope these ideas can help you with your Back to School Primary Singing Time!!!!


Pick a Number Between : A Primary Singing Time Idea

In need of a quick and eeeasy Singing time Idea this summer????

Well, it doesn't get much simpler than this!

All you need is your Primary Children's Songbook!!!

Pull out a name choosing stick, or just call on a child who you think has been listening and singing well.

Ask them to choose a number between..... _____ and ______.

So for instance, if you want to sing a:

Wiggle/Action Song, say, "choose a number between 252 and 285".

Song about Heavenly Father, a number between 2 and 31.

Song about Jesus, choose a number between 34 and 83.

Christmas, 36 and 54.

Family 188 and 211

Pioneers/Heritage , 214 and 225

Seasons, 228 and 249


So, ask the child to pick and number, and after they've given it, look up that number in the songbook and sing it!

The children will have fun being the choosers of random numbers and singing different songs!!!!!


Wake Up, Dad!!! A Father's Day Primary Singing Time Idea

I have to start off by saying, this Wake-Up Dad! Father's Day Primary Singing Time visual is a copy-cat from the Latter-Day Saint Primary Music Leaders page on Facebook, posted by Virginia Richins (on June 6th, 2021).  This Facebook group is so wonderful for all ideas and things Primary Music.  The link to the page is HERE.  I absolutely LOVED Virginia's idea and custom painted "dad" by her husband, and couldn't wait to make one for my Primary children too!

I painted this "dad" face on a white poster board, cut out the eyes (yes, this felt weird/wrong in doing), also painted the "back eyes" and tie on another poster board, then cut it out, and slit a line under his chin (see pictures) :)

For Primary, I put magnets on the front poster board to stick Dad onto the chalkboard in the Primary Room. 

We had 2 chalkboards in the Primary Room today (not typical), so I pinned some of my husbands old ties onto the other board.  Each tie having a song to sing pinned onto it.

(As you know, Primary Singing Time is very busy, so I forgot to get a picture of the ties and poster on the chalkboard during actual Primary.  But you could also just use paper ties.  I cut these ties pictured above out of scrapbook paper from a different activity).

For Singing Time, I called up a reverent child, let them pick a tie, read the song title, and had the child put on the tie to lead the song.  

As we sang, I pulled dad's tie up and down to "wake him up" according to how LOUD they sang the words.  The quieter they sang, the more he fell asleep.  They did pretty good for being rusty on most songs from our Covid break!

We made sure to have Daddy's Homecoming as a song choice, and My Dad.  Those are the two we plan to sing next week in Sacrament Meeting for Father's Day. 

The kids had a lot of fun watching dad to see if they could keep him awake for the songs!

You can see a video of the mechanics of his eyes opening on our Instagram page, @iheartprimarymusic.


2021 Primary Singing Time Calendar

 Better late than never right????  

Our ward is going back to "regular" Primary Singing Time this week, so I am busy getting my material in order and starting to plan out my singing times.  So... I updated my 2021 weekly Primary calendar!!!!

I like to print this out and write on each week the songs I plan to sing with the children and any lesson plans, themes, holidays, programs, stake conferences etc. 

Having the monthly songs and scriptures on this calendar has been super helpful in coordinating Singing Times with the scriptures they have been learning in their classes and at home studies.

I hope this helps someone else!  

HERE is the link for the free printable :)


When He Comes Again

When He Comes Again is such a beautifully written Primary song!  It's interesting to ponder on the time, day, and season when Jesus will come again.  

What a glorious day that will be!!!!

When thinking about how to teach this song, this visual came to my mind.  I feel it will help the children visualize thinking about the great day of our Lord, and to feel His love for them.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

If you'd also like to make a When He Comes Again song visual, I tried to take pictures as I went along making this.  I also have the pictures and words in a pdf to share :)

Here's what you'll need:

A foam poster board, blue regular poster board, clear laminate roll (found at Walmart), permanent marker, scissors, and hot glue.

First, print off the visuals.  Draw a thinking cloud in poster board and cut out, hot glue poster board to foam board - making sure not to glue where the visuals will be pulled through.  

Then "laminate" visuals in a top to bottom order, touching each other.

((I was putting this together around midnight (you know, the time of day most Primary music leaders do stuff)  ... so don't judge the terrible lighting in these pictures!))

I ended up not having enough on one roll to do front and back, so I just taped the seams in the back. And folded over the front edges.  

I put a piece of tape folded over to create a "tab" at the top to pull. 

Laminate 'wondering boy' and hot glue to bottom left of the poster board.  Draw thinking bubbles on poster board.

During Singing Time, I plan to set the board up at the edge of a classroom table and pull up as the children sing.

As I start Singing Time, I will show a picture of Jesus's Second Coming and remind the children that Jesus will be returning to the earth someday :), and ask if they have ever pondered about the day He will come.  What will you be doing?  What age will you be?  Will it be daytime, or night time? Fun to think about!

To teach this song, I plan to read/show the pictures and words, then just jump into singing it!!!!  

Then, I will ask a question before we sing it again, and they can find the answer in the song as we sing together.

Examples of questions:

-What has Jesus said in days gone by?

-Where will He call his little ones?

-What might stay the whole night through?

-What might earth be drifted with?

Find the printable visuals HERE and get started making yours!!!!  


Mother's Day Primary Singing Time Idea (virtual friendly)


This is N O T fashion advice for your Singing Time!!!!!  This is a fun way to practice your Mother's Day Primary song's for Sacrament Meeting or just for reviewing Spring and Mother's Day songs!

Our ward is meeting for Primary Singing Time virtually once a month, we did this fun Singing Time in celebration of upcoming Mother's Day last week and it was sooooo fun :)

Here's the idea:

Arrive dressed in many fun layers (things MOTHER'S would wear).  For example earrings, necklace, gloves, purse, shoes, scarf, lipstick, glasses etc).

Sing with the children the song of choice, then JUMP out of camera (yes! literally, JUMP!), switch/take off/or add an item of your outfit, then JUMP back in view (or go behind the piano or chalkboard if in-person).  

Do you SPOT the Difference?????


Then, start singing the same song for review (or another song of choice).  By the end of the song, have them raise their hand if they SPOT THE DIFFERENCE!!!!

So fun to get them focusing and singing over and over.

To get reeeeeeeeal tricky, change T W O items!!!

Happy Singing Times!!!!!!


When I am Baptized | Primary Singing Time Idea


Hello everyone!!!  Do you remember singing this song when you were a child in Primary???  Oh it is so lovely to sing and feel!  I was so excited that it was one of the suggested songs this month to be able to sing and learn this song with my Primary children!

We are still doing virtual singing times in my ward, so I'll let you know how I did this singing time and hopefully it can help inspire you for yours!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

I started out with a bunch of paper rainbows on the board (I printed off 6 small rainbows from my computer).  I taped them on the board, and as we started, I told the children to be searching for rainbows throughout our singing time and see if they could guess the right number at the end!

(I also drew a colorful rainbow arch on the chalkboard with rain drops before we started)

Then, I told them that this was a special song about RAINBOWS and BAPTISM and how they compare.

I showed them the first arch (line of the song) read the words, stuck it on the chalkboard rainbow, and sang it for them.  After, I asked if they heard the song notes go up and down - like an arch of a rainbow. Then we sang it together and told them to move their hands in an arch motion as we sang the first and second lines. Making sure to have their hands at the peak of their hand motion arch on RAINBOWS and BEAUTY OF.

For the chorus, the notes are sang more short and choppy like rain drops, so we "sprinkled" our fingers as we sang.  On "BEST" we reached really high into the air.  You could also have them wrap their arms (liking giving them selves a hug) when singing "and live with God again".

Then we learned the second verse in the same way.

After that, I told them we were going to MAKE A RAINBOW!!!!  I showed them a circle of skittles around a plate, then added a little bit of water.  I told them we needed to sing the entire song really good in order to make the rainbow appear!

They sang great!!!  And by the end of the song, we counted the 6 paper rainbows that were stuck on the chalkboard and then showed the skittle rainbow!

I couldn't get a picture of the actual one we did in the Primary room because we were using my phone for the Zoom Call, but here's one of my boys doing the experiment at home :)

I also made a little bag of skittles for each family to pickup on my porch, if they wanted to make a rainbow at their house they were welcome to come grab one.  Here is the handout I tied onto it.  Feel free to print your own!

Make sure to bear your testimony of baptism at the end!  Good luck with your singing times!!!