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Mother's Day Primary Singing Time Idea (virtual friendly)


This is N O T fashion advice for your Singing Time!!!!!  This is a fun way to practice your Mother's Day Primary song's for Sacrament Meeting or just for reviewing Spring and Mother's Day songs!

Our ward is meeting for Primary Singing Time virtually once a month, we did this fun Singing Time in celebration of upcoming Mother's Day last week and it was sooooo fun :)

Here's the idea:

Arrive dressed in many fun layers (things MOTHER'S would wear).  For example earrings, necklace, gloves, purse, shoes, scarf, lipstick, glasses etc).

Sing with the children the song of choice, then JUMP out of camera (yes! literally, JUMP!), switch/take off/or add an item of your outfit, then JUMP back in view (or go behind the piano or chalkboard if in-person).  

Do you SPOT the Difference?????


Then, start singing the same song for review (or another song of choice).  By the end of the song, have them raise their hand if they SPOT THE DIFFERENCE!!!!

So fun to get them focusing and singing over and over.

To get reeeeeeeeal tricky, change T W O items!!!

Happy Singing Times!!!!!!


When I am Baptized | Primary Singing Time Idea


Hello everyone!!!  Do you remember singing this song when you were a child in Primary???  Oh it is so lovely to sing and feel!  I was so excited that it was one of the suggested songs this month to be able to sing and learn this song with my Primary children!

We are still doing virtual singing times in my ward, so I'll let you know how I did this singing time and hopefully it can help inspire you for yours!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

I started out with a bunch of paper rainbows on the board (I printed off 6 small rainbows from my computer).  I taped them on the board, and as we started, I told the children to be searching for rainbows throughout our singing time and see if they could guess the right number at the end!

(I also drew a colorful rainbow arch on the chalkboard with rain drops before we started)

Then, I told them that this was a special song about RAINBOWS and BAPTISM and how they compare.

I showed them the first arch (line of the song) read the words, stuck it on the chalkboard rainbow, and sang it for them.  After, I asked if they heard the song notes go up and down - like an arch of a rainbow. Then we sang it together and told them to move their hands in an arch motion as we sang the first and second lines. Making sure to have their hands at the peak of their hand motion arch on RAINBOWS and BEAUTY OF.

For the chorus, the notes are sang more short and choppy like rain drops, so we "sprinkled" our fingers as we sang.  On "BEST" we reached really high into the air.  You could also have them wrap their arms (liking giving them selves a hug) when singing "and live with God again".

Then we learned the second verse in the same way.

After that, I told them we were going to MAKE A RAINBOW!!!!  I showed them a circle of skittles around a plate, then added a little bit of water.  I told them we needed to sing the entire song really good in order to make the rainbow appear!

They sang great!!!  And by the end of the song, we counted the 6 paper rainbows that were stuck on the chalkboard and then showed the skittle rainbow!

I couldn't get a picture of the actual one we did in the Primary room because we were using my phone for the Zoom Call, but here's one of my boys doing the experiment at home :)

I also made a little bag of skittles for each family to pickup on my porch, if they wanted to make a rainbow at their house they were welcome to come grab one.  Here is the handout I tied onto it.  Feel free to print your own!

Make sure to bear your testimony of baptism at the end!  Good luck with your singing times!!!


I Want to Be a Missionary Now: Virtual Primary Signing Time

 I Want to Be a Missionary Now: Virtual Primary Singing Time.

For now, my wards Primary is still doing virtual Singing Time every fifth Sunday.  And we decided to make 1 pre-recorded video once a month teaching one of the monthly suggested Primary songs.  So for February, we chose, I Want to be a Missionary Now.

.......aaaand as you all know, doing video is not my favorite, especially recorded!!!

So I made this video in a fun way for the children to hear, learn, and play a game as they learn this song.  Take a look at the video and hopefully you will get some inspiration for your Singing Time!!!!

Video also found HERE on Youtube.

(The Flipchart used in this video was found HERE at LDS Primary Chorister Helps.)

Here's hoping back to in-person Primary Singing Time soon!!!


A Pillar of Light: Joseph Smith's First Prayer Singing Time


Joseph Smith's Frist Prayer (hymn 26) is one of this months suggested songs for 2021.  And also the Doctrine and Covenants is our book of scripture we are learning this year, so I thought this song would be great to introduce first this year  :) 

Currently my ward is doing a virtual singing time on the 5th Sunday's and I also split with my awesome music leader partner.   So for this Singing Time Activity I plan doing it with my children at home.  And you can too!  All you need is a flashlight!  

Also, you can print the song visual we created HERE of Joseph Smith's First Prayer.  Read/review the FIRST VERSE together.  Tell the children for this verse we will be holding the flashlight down or outwards like we are looking/searching for the perfect spot to pray.  Just as Joseph did.

Sing the first verse all together, room lights low/dark, and move the flash lights back-and-forth as said.

For the SECOND VERSE, read the lines all together and tell them they are going to kneel, as Joseph did, and point the flash light up on their face.  Sing all together (displaying the words from the flipchart linked above).

For the THIRD VERSE, first read the lines all together, and tell them to hold the flashlight over their heads.  Just as the PILLAR OF LIGHT came down upon Joseph.  Sing the verse.

For the last two lines that are repeated (While appeared two Heavenly Beings..) you may have them hold up 2 fingers  and shine the light on the wall making a shadow of "TWO beings".

And for the FOURTH VERSE, first read the lines all together, and tell them to hold the flashlight up towards the ceiling.  As if they are listening to the Lord and Jesus as Joseph did.  Sing all together.

I hope you get the idea. It was really hard to take pictures in the dark!  

My hope is that as the sweet children learn the words and story of Joseph's First Vision, they can feel the Spirit testifying that it is TRUE!!!!  A scripture that would work well with this Singing Time is Joseph Smith History 1:16.

We are excited to learn and study this year in the Doctrine and Covenants and grow our testimonies of Joseph Smith!!!


Joseph Smith First Prayer Song Visual

 Joseph Smith First Prayer is one of the suggested songs for Primary this month.  And since it is a Hymn, it's not a typical song for Primary visuals and/or a lesson plan.  So we created a simple flipchart in hopes to help you and your family/primary learn this powerful story song of Joseph Smith's First Vision.

The images are from the July 2001 Friend. 

CLICK HERE for the pdf.

Need help introducing this song???  Click HERE for our Pillar of Light Singing Time :)


10+ Virtual Primary Singing Time Ideas: for Primary Music Leaders 2021

Welp, here we are.  

The beginning of a new year. 2021.  Still wondering what is exactly going on and what the future holds ....aaaaand honestly, starting to feel a little like "Steve from Blues Clues" with all this virtual video stuff.

It's no lie, 2020 was a hard and confusing year for Primary Music Leaders.  We're still trying to figure out all the technical stuff and longing to be with our dear Primary children.

Singing all together.  Hearing sweet little voices.  Feeling their innocent testimonies. Seeing there smiles.  Sigh....  

Hopefully someday soon.  But for now, we will do our best.  We must do our best.  These Primary songs are too powerful of testimony builders and our Primary children are worth the challenge of mastering technology and overcoming in-front-of-camera phobia.  (is there a technical term for that?  Because I for sure have it).

Anyways, who knows when things will be in person.  So for now, here are some helps for your VIRTUAL SINGING TIMES.  It's a list we came up with to draw from for these times.  Hopefully they can help and lift another fellow Primary Leader.  Blessings to you!!!

25 VIRUTAL minutes are not the same as 25 minutes in person (oh how I miss the chalkboard to pin visuals and talking in the microphone) 

Snap out of it!!! 

Virtual.  Virtual, ok.

So they might not be exactly the same, but a lot of your Singing Time Ideas can still work, just with a little tweaking.  We can do this.

Here are a few ideas to help the kids interact, move, be engaged and stay focused while online at home!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


For each song you sing, the children need to find an "at home" instrument.  This could be paper cup/plate, a rubber band, 2 spoons, a piece of paper rolled up as a tube, a pot, a comb, etc.

Use that instrument as the beat, or as you sing each song.


After each song, quickly go out of camera and change something about your appearance.  You could quickly change your earrings, skirt, shoes, hair, a pin, scarf.

Have them raise their hand if they "spot it".  Then sing another song.

3-SCOOT! (I almost spelled Scott). 

Scoot is a cute way of saying move!  After each song, say "SCOOT" they move with the ipad, or electric devise to a new spot in their house.  Sing another song, then say, "SCOOT!"  

(If they need to stay in the same room, then just switch where they are seated/positioned.)

Play the primary song as they sing and wiggle/dance (I play mine on the Sing-Along app).  Randomly pause the music and have them freeze their body until you play the music again.  Have everyone watch to see if all children are FROZEN!  

This is a great one to do if you're reviewing a new song!

Before each song, ask a "Would you Rather" question.  Depending on which they prefer, have them do an action for the next song.  

For example: 
Ask, "Would you rather hold the golden plates or take a walk in the Sacred Grove?
If you answered, hold the golden plates, you will sing the next song standing on your tip toes.  If you answered walk in the Sacred Grove, you get to clasp your hands in front of your mouth (as if yelling).

The possibilities for questions and "ways to sing" are endless. Some suggestions are to make a list of "Would you Rather" questions having to do with the current years' book of scripture (2021's is the Doctrine and Covenants) OR maybe something that has to do with the next song you'll be singing.  

This link HERE might help of our "Different Ways to Sing" post.

As you sing/learn a new song together, sway scarves in a certain repeating order.  Have them watch you and follow the action.  Their "scarves" could be any piece of fabric they have at home such as a wash cloth, a paper towel, pillow case, etc.

This is also a great one to do if learning/reviewing a song.

(the shutter on my phone couldn't go as fast as his movement! Too much fun!)

This activity is to have the children guess the song title you will be singing next!  Have a list of songs written in large font on one large piece of paper.  Have the kids view and read them aloud as a group.  Next, pick (in your head) one of the songs that you want to sing next, then "mouth" the song.  SILENT.  Put your mouth close to the camera and MOUTH the song title.  Then see if they can guess!  Do it a few times if needed, then sing the song.

(Make sure you brush and floss before!!!)

8-Rock, Paper, Scissors, SING!
This is played much like "Would you Rather" listed above. 

Say, "rock, paper, scissors, sing"!  (Pick an action). 
Say you picked ROCK, who ever tied with you sings the song __________,
whoever lost (scizzors) sing the song _________,
and whoever won (paper) sings the song ___________.

You could let them know before hand what action they will be singing the song when they tie, lose, and win.  

Some example of different way to sing:
March, clap, stand on one leg, close one eye, nose plugged, on tip toes, pat beat on knees, etc.

(he's always ready to WIN!!!)

Pick a letter from the alphabet, then the children need to go find something in their home that starts with that letter.  Have them show that item as they sing the next song.  

For example "LETTER A!"  Apple, artwork, alligator (stuffed), alarm clock.  Sing the song holding that item.

Give them 20 seconds to run and grab!

Have your pianist start playing a song one note at a time.  Have the children raise their hand if they recognize it or know the song title.  Then sing the song.

Create a simple craft as you sing! Create a printable to be completed in steps as they sing.  This could be something to put together, a maze, word search, etc.  They could also draw/color a picture of what the song means to them as they listen and sing.


Ok are you ready for this????

We are going to create some new Primary members for our singing time today!!!
Make two dots on the knuckle of your pointer finger (non permanent marker), curl your finger, then wrap your thumb to meet the middle hinge in your pointer finger.  

Hold your new Primary member up to the camera and make sure they are singing for the song!!!!

If they don't want marker on their hand or their parents would prefer them not to, you can still make the mouth without any! Or you could have them use stickers :)

Well, that's a start!  Remember these ideas are for specifically virtual singing times.  And specifically helping them be engaged during the 25 minutes.  

Many ideas listed on our site can still be used with tweaking -so take a look around!  We will be posting more as we go along this year and would LOVE to hear any more idea that we can add to the list!!!!!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 


Don't feel alone in your calling!!!!!  Here are some other helpful resources: 
-Camille's Primary Ideas HERE is AMAZING
-The Facebook Group Latter-Day Saint Primary Music Leaders HERE has tons of ideas.  Search specifically for Sharla Dance.  She has great ideas on getting the children to do rhythm movements.
-Another helpful blog is Singing Time Ideas HERE.
-and of course, Pinterest!!!!

***And remember YOU were called to this calling for a reason and by Heavenly Father.  Every Primary Music Leader is different and each has their own talents and do things different! Never feel inferior!  As you ponder, pray, have faith, He will direct you in how you should conduct your singing times for your sweet Primary children!


Some misc. notes:  

-My goal is to look into learning how to do screen sharing and change my background as we do Google Meet.  
-And also putting your kids on MUTE is a great idea before starting your singing time.  Something you could have them do is: "Put your hand on your head if you're on mute".

2021 Primary Singing Time Song List

HAPPY NEW YEAR Primary Music Leaders!!!

If you're like us, you like to have your songs laid out in order for each month.  So we created one to share!!!


**Now, remember, you don't have to teach all songs for the month.  Goodness!  Now that was almost impossible in 2019.  This is 2021 people.  You're lucky if your area is doing A N Y T H I N G.  

It says on the church's website under Instructions for Singing Time:

"The purpose of singing time is to help children deepen their faith in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ through music. The Primary presidency and music leader select songs for each month with this purpose in mind. The songs should reinforce principles the children are learning about the gospel of Jesus Christ in their classes and at home. A list of songs that reinforce these principles is included in this guide. These songs are also suggested in the outlines in Come, Follow Me—For Primary."

Well without further adieu, here is the song list we put together.  We hope it can help someone!  

For a pdf, CLICK HERE.

Here's to a NEW YEAR in Primary!!!