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Virtual Christmas Primary Singing Time!!!!


Virtual Christmas Primary Singing Time!!!!


Here’s a virtual Singing Time idea that is Christmas themed for Primary! And GET THEM MOVING!!!!

 Depending on the time you are allotted, it should run around 20 minutes.  We are doing our session over Google Meet.  We created a link and posted it on our Ward’s Facebook page, so they can click and join along at the designated time!


***Each child will need a towel to follow along with the actions for each song.  Any towel will work, this could be a beach towel, bath towel, hand towel, etc.  A sheet or blanket could also work.


Our thought for this Singing Time was to have the kids have something for every song to interact and have MOTION!  


The opening song, as usual, is a “wiggle” song ;)


The classic:



Use the towel as the snowman.  Lift it up high in front of you and lower (melt) it to the ground as you sing the song.  You can sing this a few times, singing faster each time.  The kids love that J


Next, tell them you will be retelling a special story through the songs today.  It’s the story of Jesus Christ’s birth!

Ask: Do you know the story of when you were born?  (Since they will be on mute, they can raise their hand.)  You could also have them raise their hand if they were born in the city you live OR elsewhere.

The story of when you were born is special and unique to you.  But today we all are going to sing together about the events of when our Savior was born.

Get your towels ready!!!!



Show picture of Samuel the Lamanite on the wall and briefly tell the story of how he prophesied of Jesus’s birth.

Sing SAMUEL TELLS OF BABY JESUS.  On the words “Hosanna”, have the children sway the towel high above their heads.  (I plan to tell them beforehand what the towel action is and review the words.  Then, sing song all the way through).





Next, show picture of Joseph and Mary riding to Bethlehem and briefly tell about the picture.  

 or this one:

Sitting on a chair, lay the towel on your lap, and sing as you do these signs:

When Joseph went to Bethlehem, I think he took great care to place his tools (“place tools” in the towel), 

and close his shop (close it up),

and leave no shavings there (dust off).

He urged the donkey forward (whip towel)

then, with Mary on its back (put towel over shoulder)

And carried bread and goat cheese in a little linen sack (curl up towel in hands).

Next, show a picture of Jesus in the manger.


As you sing, wrap the towel into swaddle/baby and rock/sway as you sing.



Next, show a picture of the Shepard’s in the field seeing the star.  Briefly tell about them and how they came to see baby Jesus.


Drape the towel over your head, like the shepherds wore, and sing the song.


Next, show a picture of the Nativity scene and point out some of the additional things to see in the picture.

Sing THE NATIVITY SONG with the towel over your shoulders like a warm blanket.  You can also sway your body as you sing.  (You could also put the towel around your neck like a scarf).  I have a flipchart for this song from Jolly Jenn and plan to flip it as we sing.


 Yay!!! All done!!!

In the end, you can bare your testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ, how you feel about His importance and celebrating His birth.


We hope this helps give you some inspiration for your Virtual Singing Time this upcoming season!!!


At Home General Conference Singing Time

I hope all you Primary choristers are hanging in there!!!!  2020 has been a crazy year!  Not knowing what to do for your calling, how much you should do, virtual singing time videos, and not seeing the Primary children face to face and hearing their voices and feeling their sweets spirits has been...

H. A. R. D. !!!!!

The future is unknown for returning to church (and Primary) so providing AT HOME Singing Times is a great idea to pursue.  While having my own At Home Lessons and Singing with my children, I've been contemplating on what I can do for the rest of the Primary children.  My heart is saddened by the thought that some children may not be learning/hearing ANY Primary songs during these times.  And the thought of a child (or generation of children) not hearing, learning, and playing these songs throughout their lives is heart wrenching.  Uplifting, spiritual music (including the Primary songs) is good for the soul.  And there's so much power and learning in them!

Think of Nephi's Courage, and the chorus "I will go.  I will do the things the Lord's commands".  And how much desire it draws out to obey the Lord's commandments.

Think of Follow the Prophet.  "Follow the Prophet, he knows the way".  In a world where people are confused, and media/the news is corrupt and scary we need to know who to follow.

Or think of We'll Bring the World His Truth and how much conviction it brings to declare and share Christ's gospel.

I've been trying intently to listen to the Spirit and the Lord for direction.  I will do as I am lead, and I hope you are keeping yourself spiritually fed to do the same.  There is no right or wrong to this calling (especially during this time) as long as you are faithfully striving to do what's right for your ward.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After having said all that, we have a new post!!!!!

I had a fellow Primary Music Leader friend reach out via Instagram and ask to update our General Conference Song Hunt for AT HOME this year.

So some of our General Conference Singing Hunt Clues have been updated for use at home.

CLICK HERE for the printable.  They are to be used the week before General Conference in preparation to hearing the Prophet and speakers.

So AT HOME, you would print out the clues, and hide Primary song titles in the corresponding location (ie. under the sink, in the fridge).  Once you've sung the song, consider discussing the clue's details of General Conference and talk about the meaning of the chosen song.

Some examples of fitting songs are:

Follow the Prophet
I Love to See the Temple
The Still Small Voice
Reverence is Love

(For the original General Conference Song Hunt idea, CLICK HERE.)

We love to hear for all your music leaders, so if you have another clue rhyme, leave us a comment or on our IG page.  and we hope you all are healthy and keeping your testimonies strong!


I Spy: Primary Children's Songbook

How well do YOU know the Primary Children's Songbook????

and I'm not talking about the music, I'm talking about the PICTURES ! ! ! ! !

When I was a little girl, I'd sit and study the images in the songbook as my mother would play the piano.  I LOVE the images created by Phyllis Luch and I thought it would be fun to create an "I Spy" activity out of the Primary Children's Songbook.

I flipped through the pages and found some fun and interesting details inside - some repeating.

Here is the rhyme and images to find:  (CLICK HERE for the google doc if you're printing)

And here are the page numbers that they are found on:

This could be a fun activity for your Primary children or all you music leaders!!!

Have fun searching and let us know what you find!! Also, be sure to follow us on FB, IG and Pinterest!!!


King Benjamin's Tower: Primary Singing Time Idea

This week in our Come, Follow Me Lessons, we're reading about King Benjamin's address to his people.  King Benjamin stood upon a tall tower for them to be able to hear and delivered a special message.

In his message he counseled to serve God and our fellow man, and to keep the commandments, listen to the Spirit, of repentance, of Jesus Christ and the Atonement - among many other things (Mosiah 2-5).

So we thought it would be fun to have a


Printables at the end of this post :)

Move the tower up and down as you all sing.  The taller the tower, the louder they sing!

The shorter the tower, the quieter they sing! (whisper)

Some suggested songs to sing (and a scripture to read first) that refer to King Benjamin's message are:

Mosiah 2:17 - When We're Helping
Mosiah 4:16 - "Give" Said the Little Stream
Mosiah 2:18 - Can a Little Child Like Me?
Mosiah 4:15 - Love One Another
Mosiah 2:22 - Keep the Commandments
Mosiah 2:33 - Listen, Listen
Mosiah 4:10 - Repentance
Mosiah 3:17 - He Died That we Might Live Again

But you could also sing this month's songs that you're working on :)

In the end, bear your testimony that King Benjamin's words are just as true and important today!  You could also bear testimony that we have a living Prophet (Russell M. Nelson) that WE can listen to and follow today!!!

***If you want to print a tower for your children or family, CLICK HERE.  For a King Benjamin clipart CLICK HERE.

Print out, cut on the lines and glue onto something that will hold the tower down.  I glued mine on a piece of foam board - but cardboard would work great too :)

You could also pass out a coloring page/dot-to-dot from lds.org as an activity:

Happy Singing!


When We're Helping

Here's a simple idea when teaching the Primary song, When We're Helping:

Gather 5 boxes around your house and tape the lyric to the song on the boxes. 

During singing time, call up 1-2 children to HELP stack them in the right order as you sing the song.  They may need you to start it over (which we want! - so they can hear the song repeated).

After they have them in the right order, have all the children sing along once more!!!!

If you're looking for a video of this song played, CLICK HERE, onto our Youtube page.

We also made a scripture chase challenge that goes along with this song and it could work for Primary or FHE, CLICK HERE for that.

Make sure to bear your testimony of being happy as they help others - because we love them :)


Easter Hosanna

Guys! Look what we found in the very back of the Primary closet!!!!!


Should we open them and find out what's inside?????

Duh!   ....Let's do it!!!

(blowing off dust *cough *cough)


It's a song!  Let's sing along to the words and see what they tell about!!!!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Okay, okay.  We didn't really find these in our Primary closet, but that would be cool, right???

Well, you know us!  We like to create fun song visuals for the Primary children to view and learn from, for Singing Time.  We feel Primary song visuals help the children, throughout their lives, to  remember the words and Spirit of the songs.

For this Easter Hosanna song visual, we printed the visuals/pictures from the fabulous Jolly Jenn (HERE) on normal printing paper (not cardstock), printed the lyrics HERE, VERSE ONE and HERE, VERSE 2, then glued them on a long piece of butcher paper.  Having each verse on their separate "scroll".

To start during Singing Time, put magnets to secure the top of the scroll to the chalkboard.

As you sing, pull the scroll down for viewing (using a clothespin works well to keep it from unrolling to where you want it).

Before you introduce the song, tell the children that you're going to read an old scroll that tells of Jesus Christ's visit to the Nephites after his resurrection. Tell them you're going to sing the first VERSE of the song and they need to listen for clues as to what happened during that time.

After you sing the first verse, leave the scroll open and ask,
"What prophecy was fulfilled?"
"What two words describe how Jesus looked?"
"What words did the Nephites cry when they saw Jesus?"

Repeat for the second VERSE:
"Jesus visited the people on the American continent after he was resurrected.  What name is the American continent go by in this verse?" (promised land)
"What did the Nephites see? and what did they come to understand"
"Just as the Nephites did, who rejoices now that our Savior is alive?"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Now let them sing along and as you sing the chorus, have them raise up and sway a palm leaf.

HOSANNA!!!!!!!  Blessed be the name of the most HIGH GOD!!!!

Hopefully they can feel the truthfulness and specialness of this song and its message.  Jesus truly lives and broke the bands of death.  He loves us and we should rejoice everyday because of His great gift!

Happy Easter everyone!!!!!!

****Be sure to check out our other Easter Primary Singing Time Ideas HERE


p.s. we plan to store these inside old paper towel rolls when Easter is over - so they won't get bent.  ...and put them in the Primary closet to be "found" again next year ;)

EASTER: Primary Singing Time Ideas

Easter is coming up!!!  So we thought we'd share some Primary Singing Time Ideas for this special time of year!!!   (these could also work as FHE)


For this Singing Time, print out the visual from the Friend Magazine, (found HERE):

Read number one and see if the children can match the picture.  Have them place the correct picture on the circle, then sing an Easter Primary Song.

Some suggestions for each song number are:

#1 - I'll Walk With You
#2 - Reverence is Love
#3 - Choose the Right Way
#4 - Help Me, Dear Father
#5 - When We're Helping
#6 - Can A Little Child Like Me?
#7 - Easter Hosanna

You could also do a similar activity using the Easter Footsteps visual (found HERE).
Jerusalem illustration


Choose an Easter song to sing and let the children shake the beat with egg shakers!!  If you're looking for some to buy, HERE is a great place to look.  Or you can put rice in plastic eggs and seal securely with tape

You can either call up 3-5 children at a time to come to the front and shake, or if you have enough for your whole Primary, pass them to everyone! Make sure to tell them to listen to instructions and be reverent and nice with them, BEFORE you pass them out.  Be clear in your expectations :)


For your closing song, pass out leaves to all the children and let them sway them together - you being the leader.  Looking for some leaves?  CLICK HERE. or green construction paper cut up the sides would work too :)


Explain that after Jesus died, his body was placed in a tomb with a large stone in front of it.  Three days after his death, the stone was not in front anymore and Jesus' body was not in there!  He had been RESURRECTED!

Display 5-8 tombs on the chalkboard.  All having a song to sing behind the stone - expect for one.  Call up a child to choose a tomb and roll the stone away.  If it has a song to sing, sing that song.  If it doesn't, explain that this is the best gift of Easter and of our lives.  That Jesus was resurrected and LIVES TODAY!!!!!!

Visual from lds.org found HERE.


There's  a few different ways you could do this Singing Activity:

-Place song titles in plastic Easter eggs and hide them around the room.  Choose a child to find an egg, and reveal the song inside.  Then sing that Easter Song!

-You could also put different words to the song you're learning in each egg.  Have some children collect them from around the room and then sing the song as they try to put the words in order.

-Another way is to put a song title in one color of egg.  Let some children gather just that color, unscramble the title, then sing that song.


Before Primary, put a piece of paper with a song title written on it in an emptied egg.  During Singing Time, call up a child to smash an egg and reveal the song to sing inside!


Gather 6 plastic eggs, each a different color.  Place the items below in the eggs - one in each egg.  Call up a child to open one of the eggs, read the sentence and show the coordinating item, then sing the listed song inside.

1st Egg - (Bread Crumb)  During the Last Supper, Jesus taught His disciples to take the Sacrament. He told them, “This do in remembrance of me”.  
SONG: To Think About Jesus.

2nd Egg - (Cross) Before Jesus was crucified on the cross, He asked one of His disciples to take care of His mother and to forgive the men that had done this to Him. 
SONG:  Help Me, Dear Father.

3rd Egg - (Strip of Cloth) Jesus' body was wrapped in cloth and placed in a tomb. SONG:  He Sent His Son.  

4th egg (Rock) A stone was placed in front of the tomb.  
SONG:  He Died that we might live Again.

5th Egg (Empty Egg) After 3 days, Jesus' friends came to the tomb and saw the stone had been moved.  The tomb was empty!  
SONG: Easter Hosanna.

6th Egg (Candy) Jesus is alive! That's the SWEET surprise of Easter!  
SONG :  Did Jesus Really live Again?

Bear your testimony that Jesus is alive and because He was resurrected, we will be too!  


Still learning your monthly songs?  This one is perfect for practicing a song over and over.  Start singing a song, having the children pass around 1 egg around the room.  Have the pianist stop the music suddenly at a random point. The child who has the egg must think of the next word in the song (they can always get help if they need).  Play again!