David & Goliath : Primary Singing Time Idea

 David & Goliath : Primary Singing Time Idea

Before David faced the giant, Goliath, he gathered FIVE smooth stones from a brook (1 Samuel 17:40).

For Primary, I chose a name from our choosing sticks.  That child got 5 (paper) stones - 5 chances to hit Goliath.  

If they hit him, they got to pick a song from the board.  If they missed, I chose the song to sing.

My kids had a lot of fun with this and in between songs I made sure to talk more about David and his courage, faith, and bravery.  

At the end, I made sure to tell them that this is not only a neat story in the scriptures - but that we can learn from it.  When we are faced with challenges, the Lord with give us strength to accomplish them if they be His will.

(my awesome and talented artistic Primary President made/drew Goliath)


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