Children All Over the World

Children All Over the World

How fun are these?!?!?!?!?!?  This is a great song to sing in November when we focus on THANKS giving :)

Children love having visuals to help remember the words to a song and to connect with it, and this song is perfect for a visual!

To introduce this song, you could stand at the microphone and say "wir danken dir".  The children might looked confused.  "Wir danken dir" is a German word.  Does anyone know what it means?

It means, THANK YOU!  Do you think Heavenly Father can understand all languages of children as they pray?  Yes!  Let's sing a song about saying thank you to Heavenly Father from all over the world!

Show each poster and tell which country they represent and how to pronounce the way they say, "thank you".  Have them repeat after you.

“Gracias.” (grah-see-ahs) SPANISH
“Malo.” (mah-loh) TONGAN
“Wir danken dir.” (veer don-ken deer)  GERMAN
“tak,” (tahk) DANISH
“merci,” (mare-see)  FRENCH
“Kansha shimasu,” (kahn-shah shee-mah-sue) JAPANESE

You may want to put the pronunciation on the back of the poster as a reminder for you!  (it's not cheating!)

Heavenly Father LOVES all His children and LOVES to hear from them everyday in their prayers!  Bear testimony of His love for each of the Primary children and the importance of prayer!

“Wir danken dir.” 
“Kansha shimasu”
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