Thanksgiving Primary Songs

There are many great songs of Thanksgiving and Gratitude that can be sung this time year!  Those include the ones in the Children's Song book such as:

Children All Over the World
For Health and Strength
My Heavenly Father Loves Me
Thanks to Our Father
I Am Glad for Many Things
Autumn Day

(CLICK HERE for a direct link to ALL the Gratitude Topic Songs in the Children's Songbook)

But there's also been some printed in the Friend!  Here are a few to consider singing this month of November :)

Hymn of Thanks found in the 1978 Friend by Dorothy S. Andersen:

And Thanks to Our World found in the 1982 Friend by Wilford A. Beesley Jr.

Giving Thanks written by Robert P. Manookin from the 1980 Friend

And there are MORE that were printed in the Friend, like Holding Hands Around the World by Janice Kapp Perry.  CLICK HERE for a link to the Church's site of all the Friend Music.

We are GRATEFUL for you for joining us here at iheartprimarymusic!!!  Many THANKS and we hope your Singing Times are going well!!!!  Keep up your good and important work!


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