Brother Turkey can Sing....

It's always fun to have special visitors to Primary!!!!  Today we have Brother Turkey visiting us! He's kinda cute, right? 

There are a few ways to use Brother Turkey during Singing Time:

First, you could tell the children that Brother Turkey is  little shy with singing and he will only start singing if the children are singing their best.  This helps him feel more comfortable.  "Brother Turkey CAN sing.... he's just a little shy"...

This is a great way to meter their singing and get the children singing their best!

Second, you could direct/lead the song with him OR have a child come and lead with him.

Third, you could make him Wobble and Gobble as the children sing along - but went he stops, the children stop singing (freeze).  And then pick up where you left off.  Repeat this along the song.  Make sure to give your pianist a heads up on this and that they can see you!

Do you have any more ideas you on how Brother Turkey could be used during Singing Time???  We'd love to hear!


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