Thankful Turkey Feathers

This Singing Time idea is an easy one for Thanksgiving!

All you need is a paper turkey and some feathers!

Start by having the turkey (body only) on the chalkboard and feathers on the table or podium.  Call up a reverent child to come pick out a feather and put it on the turkey (tape or sticky tack).  That same child tells something they're thankful for (or their favorite thing to eat at Thanksgiving dinner), add the feather, and sing a song.

You could also start with the feathers ON the tukey and pluck them off.

(Our paper turkey pictured was drawn on brown paper, colored with chalk, outlined with black marker, and the body is cut out of cardboard, feathers are cut from scrapbook paper).

This is a great way for the children to start thinking about things to be grateful for this Thanksgiving season!!!


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