"Search", Ponder, and DIG!

Can you find the song in the dried corn??????

We thought this would make a fun Singing Time for Primary during the Thanksgiving season :)

Call up a reverent child to get 15 seconds to try to find a song in the corn, maybe 20 for Junior.

Sing that song once it's found!

Be sure to put down a sheet or small tarp below the bucket so that it can be an easy cleanup in case some spill out!

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(2019 CFM-Lesson)

Hebrew 3:7 - 4:11  "In order to receive God's blessings, I must "harden not" my heart".

Dried Corn is HARD!!!!!  I would much rather it be soft, cooked corn.

Just as hard/dry corn is hard to eat, hard HEARTS are hard for God to speak us and for us to use faith.  We must have soft hearts to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ, live the Gospel, obey God's commandments, hear the Spirit's whisperings and receive blessing.

You could show the difference between dry corn and soft, squish them a little to show how they are different.  Ask which one they would like to crunch in their mouth.  (the soft one!)

God speaks to soft hearts (have them touch where their heart is) and pours out blessings to them.

Share this quick message before continuing on to Digging in the corn and Singing!  At the end of Singing Time, bear your testimony of having a soft heart :)


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