Whip Cream Toss

"Hmmmmm.... Our Primary Pumpkin Pie is missing something......"

some Whipped Cream!!!

Every Pumpkin Pie needs a dab of whipped cream on top, right???

Tape the Pie on the chalkboard, dip a cotton ball in a good amount a vaseline and let the child throw the "whipped cream" (cotton ball) onto the pie.  Call up a child who is singing their best and being reverent to come up to the front and toss!

 Which ever song it lands on is the next song to sing!!!

(You might want to have them stand close to it so they don't miss!  But if they do, it's also a good idea to put something behind the pie)

Also, you only need to put some Vaseline on one side of the ball - not over of it.

Tell them you'll be watching them during the song to see who is singing their best and you'll be amazed at how well they do!  You can either watch and just pick a child, or pull from choosing sticks.

We thought this would be a fun Thanksgiving Primary Singing Time for November!  This is our last one for this year!!!!

Starting soon will be some posts for Christmas and other topics!!!


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