Armored Turkey

I'm sure you've heard of "Disguising the Turkey".

But man!  This turkey is tired of running!

So he's armed up to save himself from being Thanksgiving dinner!!!

This singing time is to help Turkey arm up to protect himself and to help the children review the Armor of God that THEY can put on to protect their Spirits.

Start with a picture of Turkey by himself.  Is he strong without his armor?  Would he be stronger with armor? (yes!)  Let's help Turkey add his armor to protect himself from Thanksgiving dinner by singing some songs.  Each song sung is a piece of armor to add.

(The armor pieces are from the AMAZING SUSAN FITCH click her name to take you to her website.)

On the armor pieces, talk about what that Armor of God piece represents and you could also read the scripture.  Ephesians 6:10-18

(If you need to review a monthly song, each piece of armor could represent a different way to sing.)

After Turkey is fully armored, bear your testimony that WE are all stronger and prepared against evil with our Spiritual armor.  We need these every day and EACH piece.


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