Candy Bar Singing Time

Anyone else have a mounds of candy left over from Halloween???? 

Well, here’s a sweet idea:  why not use them during Primary this week?

There are many “REESE”-ons to be THANKFUL this time of year!!!  So let’s use some of our favorite candy bars to help us remember them!!!

(I would have used a Reese's in these pictures buuuuuut.... they are always the first to go!)

Have different candy’s displayed on the table, each representing something to be THANKFUL FOR and a coordinating SONG TO SING about that blessing.

Almond Joy – We are thankful for the JOY and Happiness the Gospel brings. (If You’re Happy and You Know It).
Skittles – We are thankful for BAPTISM. (When I am Baptized).
ButterFINGERS – We are thankful for our BODIES.
3 Musketeers – We are thankful for the 3 MEMBERS of the Godhead. (When Jesus Christ was Baptized).
Candy Corn – We are thankful for our DAILY FOOD. (For Health and Strength).
Hershey Kiss – We are thankful for the LOVE of our families. (Families Can be Together Forever).
Milky Way – We are thankful for the PLAN OF SALVATION. (My Life is a Gift)
M and M – We are thankful for the Marvelous and Magnificent blessing of the TEMPLE. (The Lord Gave me a Temple).
Reese’s – We can be thankful and “Reese – pect” the words and revelation from our PROPHET. (Follow the Prophet).
Kit Kat – We are thankful that we can PRAY to Heavenly Father when we need a “break”. (A Child’s Prayer).
Airheads – We are thankful for the SCRIPTURES that fill our heads, hearts, and Spirits with nourishment. (Book of Mormon Stories).

What other candy and songs can you think of as a blessing????


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