ULTIMATE List of Halloween Primary Singing Time Ideas

October is here and you’re looking for some Autumn/Halloween Singing Time Ideas to use for Primary???

Well, you’re in the RIIIIIIGHT place my friend!!!!

We’ve put together an ULTIMATE LIST of ideas for Singing Time!  Over TWENTY ideas people!

With most of the posts, we’ve tried to incorporate a gospel theme to tie in the Autumn activity.  Watch for the “CLICK HERE” ’s for the original posts for more details and instruction.

Let’s get started!!!! 

-NOT Witch’s Brew.  Pick song titles out of a black witch cauldron (or add songs in!) It would be fun to bring a fog machine or mister to run during this Singing Time.  Check out our original post HERE with Gospel tie in.

You could also have a helper who wears a witch’s hat during the song.  If the children are singing too soft the “witch” can stand up real tall.  But if the children are singing their best the “witch” will melt to the ground.

-Joyful Jack.  Help Jack find his JOY!  He lost his face when he bounced off the pumpkin truck!
Draw the outline of a large pumpkin on the chalkboard or use poster board/butcher paper and draw/cut out the shape of a pumpkin.  Add pieces of the Jack O’ Lantern face.  After each piece, sing a Primary song.  CLICK HERE for the original post and more details.

-Pick Your Potion.  Each Potion bottle has a song title on the bottom.  This would be a good time to mention the Work of Wisdom and talk about what things we should and shouldn’t eat and drink and how to keep our minds and bodies healthy.  And don't eat too much candy this HALLOWEEN!

-Brother Bones.  This Singing Time activity is played like Hot N Cold.  Have a child come pick a bow tie, blindfold child, start singing a selected song, spin child around in circles.  Have the rest of the Primary children song LOUD if the tie is leading to the correct placement on Brother Bones.  Sing QUIET when far from the correct spot.  Make sure to sing, I’m all Made of Hinges!  Original post HERE on our site and there's a free bow tie printable!

-Spider Web.  Use the chalkboard to string a large spider web.  Place plastic spiders on the web – each with a song title on them or a number representing a song.

-Witch Hat Ring Toss.  Place 6 Witch Hats on the ground - bowling pin style placement.  Each hat having a song title on them.  Have rings (glow in dark rings work great for this) to throw around them.  Call up a child and give them 3 tries to ring a Witch Hat.  When they get a ring around, sing that song!

-SHINE your Light.  Have 6-8 Jack O Lanterns placed all the table.  Each representing a song to sing.  Call up a child to light one (either plug in Jack O Lantern or place a tea light candle in it).  Sing the song.  At the end of Primary Singing Time, after all are lit, sing the last song with the room lights off!  Boo!  This would be great time to talk about how the children can be a “light” to others. CLICK HERE for original post.

-Lights out.  Call up a child to lead the next Primary song with a flashlight! 

-Sing a Halloween Song from the Children's Friend.  Our post with some songs found HERE.

-Ghostly Singing.  Make a hole at the bottom of an egg and get rid of the insides.  Write a song title and place it in the egg.  Draw a ghost face on the front of the egg with a black marker.  During Singing Time, call up a reverent helper to come and smash the ghost to reveal the song inside!

CLICK HERE for more details and instructions :)

-Magic Colors of Autumn. Found from iheartprimarymusic HERE.

-Invisible Song.  Before Primary, write song titles on pieces of paper with invisible ink.  Tape the pieces of paper around the room mixing in some blank pieces of paper.  Call up a child to find a song title.  Sing that song.

You could also write each of the children a mystery message for them to take home!  (a scripture to read or simple message).
Original post HERE with Gospel tie in.

-Pumpkin Pop.  Blow up 6-8 orange balloons with a slip of paper inside with a song title.  With a black permanent marker, draw a simple jack o lantern face.  Pin balloons onto bulletin board.  Call up a child to pop a balloon, sing that song.

-Pumpkin Guts.  Carve out the top of a pumpkin.  Leave seeds and guts inside.  Put song titles on the inside all mixed in.  Call up a child to sort through the guts!  Make sure to bring napkins and hand sanitizer!  More details on our post HERE.

-Pull Jack’s Tooth.  Make a large Jack O Lantern from foam board or cardboard.  Let the children pull a tooth from Jack’s mouth.  Each tooth has a song title on the back.  Sing that song.  Original post HERE for more details and Gospel tie in.

-Primary Costume Party.  Have different favorite scripture hero clothing displayed on the table.  Some examples could be Nephi (headband, sash, bow), Daniel (sash, stuffed lion), Moses (staff, ten commandments), or just dress up like a missionary – name tag and all!  Original post HERE.

-Scarecrow.  Display a scarecrow with crow birds on the arms (paper or artificial crow).  Have a song title on each crow.

-Sweater Leaf.  As the chorister, wear an Autumn colored sweater.  Put leaves all over your sweater with song titles on them (safety pinned or taped).  Let one child at a time pick a leaf, sing that song.

-Pumpkin Patch Pick.  Display different size and shaped pumpkin on the table.  Put a song title on the bottom of each pumpkin.  Choose a child to come pick their favorite pumpkin and sing that song.

-Leaf Tree Top Picking.  Draw a large tree on the chalkboard and tape leaves onto the branches.  Each leaf has a song title on it.  Call up a child being reverent to pick the next song.

-If You Love Halloween and You Know It.  Sometimes it's fun to do a holiday spin off a Primary Song and switch the words.  Here's an idea for Halloween time CLICK HERE.

-Pumpkin Poke.  For this idea, you need a large piece of cardboard or foam board, plastic cups, and tissue paper.  Draw an outline of a pumpkin on the board, cute hole inside of the outline for the cups to fit.  Put song titles in the cups, cover with orange tissue paper. 

-Glow Sticks.  Give it child a glow stick.  Discuss how to lead at different times.  Let them lead the Primary songs!  Find some glow sticks HERE.

-Fall Family Tree.  Quickly discuss what a family tree is.  Help build a family tree by adding the members one at a time.  Each member representing a song to sing. Sing songs about families such as Here we are together, Families Can be together Forever, Family History-I am doing it, I have a Family Tree, The Hearts of the children, Truth from Elijah. Original post HERE.

Please leave us a comment if you use one and let us know how it went!!!  We hope it was SPOOKtacular!  We'll be adding to the list next year!

Also, there was a good article written by LDS Living Magazine in 2018 on the church's stance on Halloween.  CLICK HERE if you'd like to read it!

And don't forget to follow us on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram where we post these ideas weekly!



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