Fall Family Tree

Fall Family Tree Singing Time:

The leaves are changing color and falling down!!!  What a more perfect time to talk about FAMILY TREES????

Quickly discuss what a family tree is.  Help build a family tree by adding the members one at a time.  Each member represents a song to sing. 

Sing songs about families such as Here we are Together, Families Can be Together Forever, Family History-I am doing it, I have a Family Tree, The Hearts of the Children, Truth from Elijah.

I looked  F O R E V E R  for the perfect faces to use. 

I mean, "FOR EV VER" like 'Squints Palledorous' from the Sandlot.  

The ONLY and absolute BEST and CUTEST were found HERE on Susan Fitch's site.  She is amazingly talented.  I LOVE all her drawings.

Give the children a family tree printable to take home for a Come Follow Me lesson with their family!  
Tree printable found HERE from ayearoffheWonderful resource site!

Bear testimony of the importance of knowing, remembering, learning about, doing temple work, missionary work for your FAMILY members - old, young, alive or past.


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