"Shine as a Light"

'Shine as a Light' Primary Pumpkin Singing Time Idea

In Philippians 2:15 it talks about SHINING AS A LIGHT in the world and here at iheartprimarymusic we thought using Jack O' Lanterns for Singing Time was perfect for this!

Display 6-8 Jack O' Lanterns on the table.  If you're using real pumpkins, set tea light candle in each.  Call up a reverent helper to come and choose a pumpkin, light it, and then sing a Primary song.  If you're using artificial pumpkins, plug them in as the children choose.

Ask the child who was chosen to give/say an example on how they can be a LIGHT to the WORLD.  (examples:  Including friends at school, reminding parents to have FHE, help their siblings, say nice words, etc.)

When all the pumpkins are lit, at the end of Primary, bear your testimony of the importance of shining as a light to this world.


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