Invisible Song

Welcome to Singing Time!!!!  Our Primary songs to sing are on the board!

What? ...

You can't see them???

In Thessalonians chapters 1,4 and 5 it talks about "If I am faithful and WATCHFUL, I will be prepared or the Savior's Second Coming".

Ask/tell the children what it means to be WATCHFUL for Jesus's Second Coming. Simply discuss what we should do to be prepared to meet Jesus again.

Now, if you're WATCHFUL, you will be able to see the Primary Songs:

Before Primary, write the names of the songs you'd like to sing on white pieces of paper - with a special pen of course!  I bought mine HERE from Amazon.

Call up a child to pick a paper and use the SPECIAL LIGHT to reveal the song title.  Sing that song.

(This may help to have the lights off, but it works just fine with them on) and (sorry, it's really hard to get a good picture of this, I tried my best, I promise!)

At the end, remind the children to be WATCHFUL and prepared for the Lord's Second Coming.


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