Pull Jack's Tooth!

Jack has eaten too much candy this Halloween season!  Now he has tooth aches all over!  Help Jack's teeth "Fall Away" and sing a song so he can feel better!

This idea was inspired by 2 Thessalonians 2.  "An Apostasy, or FALLING AWAY from truth, was prophesied to precede the Second Coming".

(Jack was made from cardboard, paint, and a little love from my boys :).  Teeth are hot glued on the back).

For Singing Time, have a song on the back of each of Jack's teeth.  Call up a reverent child to PULL one of his teeth.  Sing that song.

If you're working on a certain song, you could have ways to sing that song on the back.  For example, sing nose plugged, stand up, face backwards, eyes closed, etc.

Or you could have 4 songs you're working on, put 2 teeth per song.  That way you sing the songs twice.  You could also put questions on some of the teeth such as "What is your favorite thing about Primary?" or  "How can we make sure not to FALL AWAY from the Gospel?"

There are lots of options when doing a 'Pick and Choose' singing time :)

At the end of Primary, bear your testimony of keeping your testimony STRONG so you don't FALL AWAY from Christ's Church.  Also remind them to not eat too much candy and brush their teeth!

Let us know if you use this idea!  We'd love to hear how it went!


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