Ghostly Singing and Smashing

This smashing egg ghost idea is fun to reveal the insides!  Either add a SONG inside of each ghost for a pick and choose Singing Time, or add DIFFERENT WAYS TO SING a certain song you're working on inside (sing fast, acapella, etc.)

At home before Primary, make a small hole at the bottom of an egg and get rid of the insides.  Rise with water and let dry. Write a song title on a small slip of paper and place it in the egg.  Draw a ghost face on the front of the egg with a black marker.  Place eggs on cardboard, inside cupcake liners, or on a piece of paper/cardstock (hot glue the bottom of the egg to the cardboard/paper if needed).  

At the start of singing time, tell the children to warm up their voices by making ghostly sounds.

Ooooooo OOOOOOO ooooooooo (high and low, loud and quiet).

Now they are ready for the Singing and Smashing!!!

During Singing Time, call up a helper to come and smash the ghost to reveal the song inside!

R.I.P. Ghosts!


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