Primary Dress up!

How fun is this!!!!  The kids get to dress up as their favorite person from the SCRIPTURES!!!!

Display different outfits on the table, choose one child to come up and pick an outfit/person to dress up as.  Each outfit represents a song to sing.  Sing that song as the child dresses up and leads the song! 

(Make sure to explain what that person has done in the scriptures!)

Some examples are:

Nephi:  Nephi's Courage
Daniel:  Follow the Prophet
Heleman:  We'll Bring the World His Truth
Mormon:  Book of Mormon Stories
Samuel the Lamanite:  Samuel Tells of baby Jesus
Moroni:  I Will be Valiant
Moses:  Keep the Commandments
Abinadi:  Help Me, Dear Father

or dress up like a Missionary!  Sing I Hope They Call me on a Mission

And there are soooo many more options!!!!  What ones are you going to do in your Primary???


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