Brother Bones Singing Time Idea

Brother Bones is visiting for Primary Singing Time this Sunday!!!

He read the talk by Robert C. Gay, "What shall a Man Give in Exchange for his SOUL" found in the November 2012 Ensign and felt the need to come back to church!

But he's missing one thing!


Help Brother Bones place his bow tie on the right place!

Place some bow ties on the table (free BOW TIE PRINTABLE HERE), call up a child being reverent and have them pick a bow tie, blind fold the child.  As all the children sing a selected song, have them sing LOUDER when the selected child is close to Brother Bones' neck - have them sing QUIETER when the child is far away from the correct position.

(p.s. isn't my son the cutest with his miss matched socks????)

When they feel they're in the right spot, have them stick the bow tie on (have tape or tack on the back).  Have all the children finish the song.

Let the children have fun seeing where the bow tie ends up, who gets the closest, and reviewing a song!

Make sure to sing I'm all  Made of Hinges!!!!!!!!


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