Primary Singing Time Ideas for Winter!

So you're looking for some ideas for Singing Time this Winter are ya???

Well, you've come to the right place!!!

We've compiled some easy and fun Singing Time Ideas perfect to go along with cold weather.  And don't worry if your town doesn't have snow!!! You can still do all of these and bring some Winter fun to your Primary!!!!

Bring your space heater a little closer cause here we gggggo!!!!!!!

1-Snowball Fight - Give each child in the room a piece of paper.  Let them write their favorite song on the paper and then crumple it up into a "snow"ball.  When they have all finished, on the count of 3, let them through their snowball at you, the pianist and primary presidency, and have a snowball fight!!!

Call up a child to pick one of the snowballs, read the song title, and then sing that song!

For Junior Primary, you could have each class choose one song and let the teacher write it down for each child, or have each child tell the teacher their favorite song and write each down for them.

*Another way you could have a snowball fight, is to have different song titles on the chalkboard.  Call up a child to throw a crumpled piece of paper at one of the songs.  Whichever one it hits, is the song you sing.

2-"Snow"ball toss - Set up 5-6 clear plastic cups on the Primary table, each having a song title on them.  Call up a child and hand them 3 "snow"balls (cotton balls).  Have a set point for them to stand and try to throw one into a cup.  The cup it lands in is the next song to sing!

3-SnowFlakes - Display some different cut snowflakes on the chalkboard, each having a song to sing written on the back (or a different way to sing a song - if you're reviewing a certain song).  Call up a child to pick their favorite snowflake and then sing that song!

For some reeeeeallly neat church related snowflake cutouts by theocdchorister, CLICK HERE.

*Another idea using snowflakes is to get a large piece of paper (or white poster board).  Trace a large circle and cut out.  Then fold it like you would to make a giant snowflake.  During Singing Time, depending on how well the kids are singing, cut several shapes/triangles out after each song.  At the end of Primary, open the snowflake and show the giant snowflake creation!

*Aaaaand another snowflake idea is to put a line of duck tape down.  Choose a reverent child to come to the line and they get to throw a bean bag onto one of the snowflakes.  Each snowflake needs a song to sing on the back.  After each snowflake is chosen, pick it up so it won't be chosen again.  If the bean bag doesn't land on one directly, choose the nearest one.

4-Winter Ways to Sing -  Pick some songs for the children to sing during Singing Time and for the song, let them children sing it in a fun winter way.  Some suggestions are:

Waddle like a penguin, fall like a snowflake (wiggle fingers and move hands down), roll like a ball, melt like a snowman, shovel the snow, slip on ice, skate on ice, snow angels (jumping jacks), sleds (hands in air like your going downhill fast), skis (move arms and legs back and forth fast), throw snowballs.

(for a dice to roll printable of some of these ways to sing, CLICK HERE to

Another fun winter way to sing a song is by mixing up the words to Popcorn Popping:

I looked out the window and what did I see?  Snowflakes falling on the evergreen tree.
Winter has brought me such a nice surprise, snowflakes falling right before my eyes.

I can take a handful and make a ball, and build a snowman who is ten feet tall!
I really love the snow, it's chilly and freezing!
Snowflake falling on the evergreen tree.

5-Build a Snowman - Display different pieces to a snowman on the chalkboard (all separate), each having a song to sing on the back.  Call up a child to choose one and place it to start to build the snowman.  Then sing the song.  Make sure to sing Once There Was a Snowman!!!

You could also do this activity in reverse - start with a built snowman and take him apart.  This could be fun for Spring!  I did this one year - when we took off his hat, one child said, "Look!  He's bald!!!"

For a free printable snowman from lifeissweeterbydsign, CLICK HERE.

5-Seek in the Snow - For this Singing time, the children seek in the "snow" for the next song to sing.

For our original post and instructions, CLICK HERE.

6-Snow much fun to Sing.

For this Singing Time, choose a child to pick one of the penguins.  Each penguin has a song to sing on the back.  Then pick another child.  Give them 3 snowballs (styrofoam... of course) and they get to try to throw one of them through a hole in the igloo.  Each hole represents a way to sing the song.

For the original post and instructions, CLICK HERE.

7-Ice Cube Race.

Race the ice cubes down the tracks!  Each track represents a song to sing.  The fastest ice cube is the song to sing.  Check out the original post from our site HERE.

8-Ice Breaker.

Break the ice to reveal the song inside!  Original post and instructions HERE.

9-Snowball Songs. - Dig into the snowball to reveal the next song to sing!  For the details on how to make the snowballs (no, it's not real snow), CLICK HERE.

You could also make snowmen instead of balls.

10-It's a Blizzard!!!  As the children sing, toss out mini marshmallows to those who are singing their best.  Stick out your tongue, cause here they come!!!!

***What do you think of our Winter Primary Singing Time Ideas????  Make sure to share, pin, comment, and PLEASE give credit to our ideas- it's what keeps up going!!!!!


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