Ice Breaker: Primary Singing Time Idea

Can you tell I have all boys at my house????

I naturally tend to do Singing Time activities that are messy and active!

When I was thinking of some Winter Singing Time Ideas, this was one of the first to come to mind:

Ice Breaker - 

Start by deciding which songs you'd like to sing on Sunday.  Write them down or print them out on a strip of paper.  Laminate them 

....or do it the lazy way like I usually do because my laminator is downstairs (put two pieces of tape to cover the strip of paper.  Voila!  Instantly waterproof!

Add the strips to separate muffin tin cups or into an ice tray.  Fill half way up. Freeze.

Bring to Primary in a cooler.  Call up a reverent child (or pull name sticks, sticker - however you do it in your Primary), and let them break the ice, revealing the song in it.  Read the song title and then sing away!!!!


Yes, this makes a mess.  Bring a towel and I suggest doing it on the floor away from other children.  Use your judgement on if this is a good activity for your Primary and be cautious on which child you choose to break the ice.  

Have a great winter Singing Time!!!


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