Seek in the Snow

In this weeks Come, Follow Me-Primary, one of the lesson topics is for the children to learn to have their own testimony.  This is something they need to SEEK for.

There are a few fundamental things our testimonies should be founded upon.  These include a testimony of Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, our living Prophet, the Scriptures, the Temple, Joseph Smith, etc.

For this Winter Singing Time, tell the children we are going to SEEK in the snow for things we should SEEK a testimony of.  You can either have a small picture that represents the thing or have a song title that is about a certain fundamental testimony principle.

I chose to do song titles.  So I will have a child come seek through the "snow" (granulated sugar) and find a song title.  Sing the song, then ask the children to name what fundamental testimony principle it was about.

(Print the song titles on regular printing paper (scrambled around), tape onto outside bottom of casserole dish, pour sugar.)

Examples of songs:  I Love to See the Temple (have testimony of Temples), Latter-Day Prophets (have a testimony of our current Prophet), He Died that We Might Live Again (testimony of Jesus Christ), An Angel Came to Joseph Smith (have a testimony of Joseph Smith), etc.

Make sure to shake up the snow before the next child is chosen to seek a song - to make it flat again.

Bear your testimony at the end of how it is important for all of us to SEEK our OWN testimony of these things.  We can get these by going to church, praying, obeying God's commandments, reading the Book of Mormon, serving others, and someday going to the temple.  Invite the children to share their thoughts and feelings about the truths found in the songs.

Best of luck on your Singing Time this week!  


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