Snow Much Fun to Sing in an IGLOO

For this Singing Time, choose a child to pick one of the penguins.  Each penguin has a song to sing on the back.  Then pick another child.  Give them 3 snowballs (styrofoam... of course) and they get to try to throw one of them through a hole in the igloo.  Each hole represents a way to sing the song.  If they get the snowball through the biggest bottom hole, you sing normal.  But if they get it through one of the circle holes they get to pick a fun way to sing from a stack of cards.  We got our cards from All New Ways to Sing Cards from

Have snow much fun with your singing time and don't forget to check out the other winter posts from this week!  There's about 8 or 9 posts!  Check them out!


  1. Thanks so much for this one! I LOVE it! Using it today!

  2. Where do I find the graphics for the penguins and actions? I found action cards on the other site mentioned but not the penguins and other parts of the board. Thanks!