Noah's Ark Primary Singing Time


It wasn't raining when I started this carboard ark.....  

Here's a quick step by step of how I made it :)

I started with a old oven cardboard box.  Used 8.5x11 paper and traced some "windows".

Here's the outline of the ark.  I kept the flaps on the very bottom the help sturdy it when I stand it up on the floor. I only cut three sides of the windows to create a "flap" effect.  I also cut a small hole to help pull it back in place.

I cut two shaped like this for the top and hot glued them together - then glued onto the rest of the ark.

I used a yard stick and traced around the edges of everything.

Then painted.

My ward is the first one in the building so I plan to set this up Saturday night.  I will put chairs behind it and also cut two slits on the ark to be able to tie a string from the ark to the chair and secure it.


And this is what I plan to do for Singing Time:

First, I'll show a picture of the prophet, Noah, and quickly tell details of his story.  Then we'll sing the third verse of Follow the Prophet.

I'll tell the children, don't worry I've already built the ark, now we just need to load some animals
before the RAIN comes...

I'll call up two children to be the MOUSE and a LION.  They will be handed a clipart picture of their animal.

These children will sit behind the ark and take turns opening their window.  One at a time, they will open their window and be the mouse or lion. When the child who is the mouse opens their window, the rest of the children will sing quietly (third verse of Follow the Prophet) and when he child who is the lion opens their window, everyone will sing LOUD.

We will do this same thing for a SNAIL and RABBIT.  Snail means sing SLOW, rabbit means sing FAST.


 I will tell retell about Noah and how after he loaded the animals, the RAIN came.

 We will have a "RAIN STORM" (turn lights off and create a rain storm with hands) 

Here are the steps:

1-Rub your hands together back and forth (drizzle)
2-Snap your fingers (rain drops)
3-Pat your hands on your thighs (bigger drops)
4-Stomp your feet (heavy rain drops)
5-Stomp your feet and pat your hands on your legs (the intensity and peak of the storm)
6-Stomp your feet
7-Pat your hands on your thighs
8-Snap your fingers
9-Rub your hands back and forth
10-Silence and stillness


If there's time, we will then sing The Wise Man and Foolish Man or the second verse of Give Said the Little Stream.  Another great song is "Oh Noah!" by Shawna Edwards.

Lastly, I will tell them of the RAINBOW and God's promise and we will sing WHEN I AM BAPTIZED as the closing song.  For instructions on actions (creating a rainbow) or how to teach this song, CLICK HERE.

Whew!  Not much time today for this weeks post, but I had to share!  Good luck with your singing time!!!!


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