When I am Baptized | Primary Singing Time Idea


Hello everyone!!!  Do you remember singing this song when you were a child in Primary???  Oh it is so lovely to sing and feel!  I was so excited that it was one of the suggested songs this month to be able to sing and learn this song with my Primary children!

We are still doing virtual singing times in my ward, so I'll let you know how I did this singing time and hopefully it can help inspire you for yours!

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I started out with a bunch of paper rainbows on the board (I printed off 6 small rainbows from my computer).  I taped them on the board, and as we started, I told the children to be searching for rainbows throughout our singing time and see if they could guess the right number at the end!

(I also drew a colorful rainbow arch on the chalkboard with rain drops before we started)

Then, I told them that this was a special song about RAINBOWS and BAPTISM and how they compare.

I showed them the first arch (line of the song) read the words, stuck it on the chalkboard rainbow, and sang it for them.  After, I asked if they heard the song notes go up and down - like an arch of a rainbow. Then we sang it together and told them to move their hands in an arch motion as we sang the first and second lines. Making sure to have their hands at the peak of their hand motion arch on RAINBOWS and BEAUTY OF.

For the chorus, the notes are sang more short and choppy like rain drops, so we "sprinkled" our fingers as we sang.  On "BEST" we reached really high into the air.  You could also have them wrap their arms (liking giving them selves a hug) when singing "and live with God again".

Then we learned the second verse in the same way.

After that, I told them we were going to MAKE A RAINBOW!!!!  I showed them a circle of skittles around a plate, then added a little bit of water.  I told them we needed to sing the entire song really good in order to make the rainbow appear!

They sang great!!!  And by the end of the song, we counted the 6 paper rainbows that were stuck on the chalkboard and then showed the skittle rainbow!

I couldn't get a picture of the actual one we did in the Primary room because we were using my phone for the Zoom Call, but here's one of my boys doing the experiment at home :)

I also made a little bag of skittles for each family to pickup on my porch, if they wanted to make a rainbow at their house they were welcome to come grab one.  Here is the handout I tied onto it.  Feel free to print your own!

Make sure to bear your testimony of baptism at the end!  Good luck with your singing times!!!


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  1. You always have the best ideas! Thank you so much for sharing with the rest of us. 💕