At Home General Conference Singing Time

I hope all you Primary choristers are hanging in there!!!!  2020 has been a crazy year!  Not knowing what to do for your calling, how much you should do, virtual singing time videos, and not seeing the Primary children face to face and hearing their voices and feeling their sweets spirits has been...

H. A. R. D. !!!!!

The future is unknown for returning to church (and Primary) so providing AT HOME Singing Times is a great idea to pursue.  While having my own At Home Lessons and Singing with my children, I've been contemplating on what I can do for the rest of the Primary children.  My heart is saddened by the thought that some children may not be learning/hearing ANY Primary songs during these times.  And the thought of a child (or generation of children) not hearing, learning, and playing these songs throughout their lives is heart wrenching.  Uplifting, spiritual music (including the Primary songs) is good for the soul.  And there's so much power and learning in them!

Think of Nephi's Courage, and the chorus "I will go.  I will do the things the Lord's commands".  And how much desire it draws out to obey the Lord's commandments.

Think of Follow the Prophet.  "Follow the Prophet, he knows the way".  In a world where people are confused, and media/the news is corrupt and scary we need to know who to follow.

Or think of We'll Bring the World His Truth and how much conviction it brings to declare and share Christ's gospel.

I've been trying intently to listen to the Spirit and the Lord for direction.  I will do as I am lead, and I hope you are keeping yourself spiritually fed to do the same.  There is no right or wrong to this calling (especially during this time) as long as you are faithfully striving to do what's right for your ward.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After having said all that, we have a new post!!!!!

I had a fellow Primary Music Leader friend reach out via Instagram and ask to update our General Conference Song Hunt for AT HOME this year.

So some of our General Conference Singing Hunt Clues have been updated for use at home.

CLICK HERE for the printable.  They are to be used the week before General Conference in preparation to hearing the Prophet and speakers.

So AT HOME, you would print out the clues, and hide Primary song titles in the corresponding location (ie. under the sink, in the fridge).  Once you've sung the song, consider discussing the clue's details of General Conference and talk about the meaning of the chosen song.

Some examples of fitting songs are:

Follow the Prophet
I Love to See the Temple
The Still Small Voice
Reverence is Love

(For the original General Conference Song Hunt idea, CLICK HERE.)

We love to hear for all your music leaders, so if you have another clue rhyme, leave us a comment or on our IG page.  and we hope you all are healthy and keeping your testimonies strong!



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