General Conference Song Hunt

Hello all!  Here is a Primary Singing Time Idea perfect to get your kids thinking about General Conference -with a Song Clue Hunt!

Before Primary starts, hide song titles around the room in the specific spots located on Clue: Microphone, Chalkboard, Chair, etc.

During Singing Time, call up a reverent child.  Read Clue #1 (Clue printables included below). 

Let them look and find the song title (they can get help from the other Primary children if needed), then sing that song.

All the Clue numbers a related to General Conference, be sure to talk about them so the children can be excited and ready to watch Conference.  You could also show pictures of our Apostles and Prophet to be able to recognize their faces.

CLICK HERE <--------  for the 6 location Clue's of the song titles.

We hope you can use this fun Clue Hunt idea with your Primary!  Leave us a comment if you use this idea!  We'd love to hear how it went!


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