Lucky Scripture Scratch


We thought this activity would work on its own anytime of year, so we thought we'd post it seperate from our St. Patrick's Day Singing Time Activity List :)  Stay tuned to the end of the post for BLANK scratch cards (no Primary Singing Time on them).

This Singing Time Activity is carried out similar to the Clover Lucky Scratch posted in our St. Patrick's Day post.  Before Primary print out THESE Scripture Scratch cards (there are 2 to a page, so print out as many as you think you'll need to fill your time).  

There are TWO WAYS we thought of that could work for this Singing Time:  

First, print out the scratch cards, then write a SONG TITLE on one gold plateTRY AGAIN on another - and then leave the last one BLANKDo this to all cards, but mix up the order of sequence.  Laminate (or use packing tape) and paint.  For the "paint", mix a ratio of two parts paint to one part dish soap.  I used craft paint from good ole' Walmart.  

During Singing Time, call up a reverent child who gets 2 chances on their scratch card.  If they scratch the try again, have them scratch another one, if they get a blank, have them say something they have been blessed with in their life.  If they scratch the song, sing that song.  The winning scratch is the song.  Because of their chances/odds and having 2 tries, they should be able to get the song every time ;)

(the picture above shows the 2 different ways you could carry out this Singing Time)

Second, print out the scratch cards, write a SONG title on one scripture, TRY AGAIN on another, and lastly write PICK A SONG on the third.  Again, write these on all cards, but mix up the order of sequence. Laminate and paint.  

Before singing time, write a list of songs you are working on, or would like to sing that Sunday, on the chalkboard.

Call up a reverent child and they get ONE scratch.  If they scratch the SONG: sing it, TRY AGAIN: scratch another one, PICK A SONG: they get to choose a song on the board that you wrote before Primary started.

Make sense?  Hope so :)  Good LUCK!!!!

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For a Google Doc of BLANK cards, CLICK HERE!!!!

These would be great for anytime of year when learning about the Gold Plates and also with incorporating for a CFM-FHE lesson in your home!


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