Primary Singing Time Idea: St. Patrick's Day

It's always fun to incorporate the upcoming holiday with the children in Primary.  So since it's March, we compiled a list of St. Patrick's Day Ideas that can go along with Singing Time.  There's a ton to choose from, so read through and see which one might work for you - or combine some together!

Before we start with those ideas, we wanted to suggest some songs that would go great along with these Singing Time activities.  Tell the children we are not LUCKY but BLESSED to have the things of the Gospel in our life.  After singing each song, ask them what was something that was sung about in the song that we are, not LUCKY, but BLESSED to have.  This will get them thinking about the many wonderful BLESSINGS our Heavenly Father has given us and restored to the earth.

Here are some examples of songs to sing and what to look for as a blessing in the song:

I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ (church membership)
Follow the Prophet (a living Prophet)
Families Can Be Together Forever (Eternal Families)
I Love to See the Temple (Temples and the Priesthood)
Book of Mormon Stories (Scriptures)
Choose the Right (Agency)
When I am Baptized (Baptism)

Ok so now you have some examples of songs to sing, let's get on to the possible activities to go along!!!!!

LUCKY SCRATCH  (keep scrolling down if you're here for the LUCKY SCRIPTURE SCRATCH)

At home,  print out our LUCKY SCRATCH cards HERE, write a song title on only ONE clover each card, laminate (or put packing tape over the clovers), paint, let dry.

(For the "paint", mix a ratio of two parts paint to one part dish soap.  I used craft paint from good old Walmart).

During Primary, call up a child being reverent, let them choose one clover to scratch off with a penny.  If they get the song title, sing it.  If they get the blank clover, have them say something they feel LUCKY to have (for example: their family, church, temples, repentance, Prophet, ...maybe their Primary Music Leader ;))

(We chose a 3 leaf clover instead of a 4 leaf clover because it gave more room on the clover to write a song title).

50% chance is pretty good odds!!!!

Before Primary starts, secretly stick a paper 4 leaf clover under one of the children's seats.  During Singing Time, have the children look under their seats and whichever has the clover, gets to choose the next song to sing!

Display paper rainbows around the room; each having a Primary song to sing written on the back.  Call up a reverent child to come look through binoculars (made from 2 TP tubes) and "look" for a rainbow to choose.

Bring a black pot and put song titles written on strips of paper inside.  Call up a reverent child to come and pick a song, then sing!

Another idea with this is to put yellow balloons in the black pot with a song title written on each with black marker.  Let a child come pick one!

Pass out a colorful scarf to each child in the room.  During the next song you sing, make movements with your scarf and have the children follow.  Some examples of movements could be: big circles, up and down, across, sway above head, around shoulders, throw up in the air, etc.  See the colors move as you create this colorful Primary Rainbow!!!

A great place to get scarves if you don't have any yet are HERE from Amazon.

In a large bowl or pot, pour out the cereal Lucky Charms.  Add song titles written on small strips of paper and mix in.  Call up a reverent child to some dig through and find a song!  (make sure to use gloves, as some children may be allergic to wheat).

You could also add the song titles directly to the cereal box before hand and tell the children the Lucky Charm box was made special for Primary and has songs inside the box!!!

Tell the children to look around and see if anyone is wearing the color green.  Whoever is, gets to come up and lead the next song!  Fun songs to sing with a group of kids at the front are, Book of Mormon Stories, Once There Was a Snowman, Hinges, etc :)

Pass out to each child one plastic straw and let the children make humming noises as you run through a song you all are learning.  Next, let them lead with the straw while you sing it!!!

Leprechauns are known for being tricksters.  Here's how this Singing Activity is played: One child goes out in the hall.  Another child is chosen to be the “Leprechaun” (aka Silent Singer), and this child will "lip sing" the next song while all other children sing normal.  Have the child in the hall come back in and all children sing – except for the Leprechaun who is lip singing.  See if the child that was in the hall can guess who the “Leprechaun” is by moving around the room and listening.  Finish singing the song even if they guess before it’s over!

Pass around a plastic GOLD COIN (or penny) as the children sing a song you're working on.  Whoever ends up with the coin at the end of the song gets to pick the next sing to sing (or lead the next song to sing).  You could also let them keep the coin/penny.

Another way to do this activity is to pass the coin around the room, having some of the children "pretend to pass" the coin. Call up a child to stand at the front of the room and watch throughout the song, and at the end, try to guess who really has the coin.

Bring a small leprechaun to Primary.  This could be a stuffed one, plastic, or just printed off your computer.  Call up a child to hide it someone in the room while another child goes out in the hall.  Start singing a song as the child in hall comes back into the room and tries to find it - having the Primary children sing SOFT when they are far away from it and LOUD when they are getting closer.

Call up a child who is up for a challenge.  Tell them you have different color skittles and you're going to let them eat one.  If they can guess the right color/flavor they get to pick the next song.  If they guess the wrong color, you get to pick the next song!

This Singing Time Activity is carried out similar to the Clover Lucky Scratch at the beginning of this post.  Before Primary print out THESE Scripture Scratch cards (there are 2 to a page, so print out as many as you think you'll need to fill your time).  

There are TWO WAYS we thought of that could work for this Singing Time:  

First, print out the scratch cards, then write a SONG TITLE on one scripture- TRY AGAIN on another - and then leave the last one BLANKDo this to all cards, but mix up the order of sequence.  Laminate (or use packing tape) and paint.  For the "paint", mix a ratio of two parts paint to one part dish soap.  I used craft paint from good ole' Walmart.  

During Singing Time, call up a reverent child who gets 2 chances on their scratch card.  If they scratch the try again, have them scratch another one, if they get a blank, have them say something they have been blessed with in their life.  If they scratch the song, sing that song.  The winning scratch is the song.  Because of their chances/odds and having 2 tries, they should be able to get the song every time ;)

(the picture above shows the 2 different ways you could carry out this Singing Time)

Second, print out the scratch cards, write a SONG title on one scripture, TRY AGAIN on another, and lastly write PICK A SONG on the third.  Again, write these on all cards, but mix up the order of sequence. Laminate and paint.  

Before singing time, write a list of songs you are working on, or would like to sing that Sunday, on the chalkboard.

Call up a reverent child and they get ONE scratch.  If they scratch the SONG: sing it, TRY AGAIN: scratch another one, PICK A SONG: they get to choose a song on the board that you wrote before Primary started.

Make sense?  Hope so :)

And if that's not enough inspiration for your St. Patrick's Day Singing Time, here are a few of our previous year's posts (click on the post title below to go to the original post).  Oldies but goodies ;)


We feel LUCKY    **ahem... we mean BLESSED to have you here on our site.  Thanks for being here.  Thanks for caring so much about your service in Primary and about the sweet children to research fun ways to sing in Primary.  BLESS you and come back soon!!!!


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