LUCKY shot

What you will need:
~6-10 yellow balloons numbered with a permanent marker
~A black pot (or a laundry basket with black fabric covering it :))
optional: a leprechaun for looks :)

Choose a child to come to the front of the room and try to shoot the balloon into the LEPRECHAUN'S Pot O' Gold!!!  Have a line that they have to stand behind and let them get 3 chances to make it into the pot.  The balloon that lands in the pot is the song you sing!!!

This is how you "shoot" a balloon...

St. Patrick's Day be coming quick!!!  Don't ferget to wear yer green!!!  and don't ferget to take a gander at thee other posts from this week!!

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  1. Thanks so much for your idea. My primary kids loved it and were begging to keep singing. I called it my Pot O' Golden Singing and we had to get if full of all the gold that was scattered on the floor. They all sang really well and enjoyed trying to get the gold into the pot.