Sing-It to Win-It Valentine's: Primary Singing Time Idea

Our Sing-it to Win-it went so well with our New Year's version in Primary that we thought it could be great for VALENTINE'S too!

So the point of this singing activity is to have a child (or children) do a certain task before the end of the song that is being sung.  So as the music leader, you choose the song to sing and then a selected child (who wants to) gets to complete a task and tries to do it before the end of the song.

Make sense?  Ok.  So here is a list we came up with of some fun Valentine's activities/challenges to do before the end of each Primary song:

1 - X's, no O's - HUG everyone in the room (or high five - if not comfortable).

Remember!  before the end of the song :)

2 - Cupid's tower - stack as many conversation hearts on top of each other as you can before the end of the song.

3 - Unwrap the Kiss - unwrap at least one hershey kiss before the end of the song - using only ONE HAND!

4 - Heart to Heart - For this activity, place 2 napkins on the classroom table, one having 10 conversation hearts on it.  Also set out a straw.

The task is to have a child use the straw and suck up a heart and transplant it to the other napkin.  Try to move all 10 hearts before the end of the next song!

5 - Ring around the Rosies - set out some water bottles with roses taped onto the front of them, set up like bowling pins, have a child try to make a ring around 3 of the roses.

6 - Cupid's Arrow - Using a toy bow and arrow, try to knock off 3 hershey kisses from the table.  Have the child stand at a designated distance.

7 - One True Love - Before Primary, gather 20 hershey kisses.  On the bottom of one of them, draw a small heart.  During the song, have the child look under the kisses one at a time.  If it has a heart under it, they win.  If not, they have to eat it and continue looking.

8 - Perfect Match - Match different broken paper hearts together before the end of the next song.

9 - Blow Me a Kiss - Set 3 hershey kisses on the table.  Using a straw, have the child blow all three kisses to the other end of the table.

We hope you have a wonderful V A L E N T I N E ' S Primary Singing Time and don't forget to let your Primary children know how much you LOVE them, and how much the Lord and Jesus Christ LOVE them!!!!!



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