Simple Primary Singing Time Ideas for Valentine's

Needing some easy Valentine's Primary Singing Time Ideas????  We got you covered!  Take a gander and some quick ideas that you can do in a giffy in your Primary!!!

Primary Love Language - Scramble up the letters to some of the Primary Songs about LOVE.  Print them out on word strips and display one at a time on the board.  As soon as they unscramble the song, sing it.

Some ideas for songs are:  Jesus Said Love Everyone, Love is Spoken Here, Love One Another, Reverence is Love, Where Love Is, I'll Walk With You, I Feel My Savior's Love, Families Can Be Together Forever, My Heavenly Father Loves Me, This is My BeLOVEd Son, etc.

Songs of Love - Sing only songs about Love and Kindness (see song list above).  If the children hear the word love or kindness, have them place their hand on their heart.

Perfect Match - For Junior Primary, display different broken paper hearts on the chalkboard.  Choose a child to some find a match.  On the back of each whole heart, have a song title written on it.  Sing that song once the match is found.

For Senior, an option (to make it harder!) is to have some some lyrics on the front of the heart.  Have a child come see if they can match one together and then sing that song.

Heart Beat - have the children keep the beat by patting on their heart.  You could also have one child come and lead the song with Brother Heart Beat found HERE on iheartprimarymusic.

A Valentine for Bishop! - During each song have one class come up and draw/write on a big paper heart.  They can draw a picture or write a message.  Sing a song for each class.  At the end of Primary, deliver the Primary Valentine to the Bishop!

Stuck on you - Stick Post-it Notes on the chalkboard shaped into a heart.  On the back of some of the post-it's, write a song title.  On some of the others, keep blank.  And on some draw a heart.

Call up one child and that child gets to choose/pick 3 post-it notes.

If a child chooses one with a:

heart - have them tell the Primary something they love,

blank - nothing,

and if it has a song title, sing that song.

President Nelson PuzzlePut together President Nelson’s life puzzle (puzzle from ayearofFHE HERE).  Sing a song for each puzzle piece!

Cootie Catcher - Call up a child to play the Valentine's Cootie Catcher.  Have them answer the simple question inside and then sing the song.  Find the printable and more instructions on our original post HERE.

Heart Attack - Give heart stickers sheets to all the teachers.  If the children in their class are singing well, have them stick a sticker on the children.  Repeat for each song.

(This is his "cheese" smile :) )

There are many ways to incorporate VALENTINE'S Day into your Primary Singing Time, but these are just a few easy ideas we thought of.  Hopefully they can help inspire you for yours!  Let us know if you have another idea or if you try any of these and HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!


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