Primary Valentine Cootie Catcher

Did you used to play with these when you were a kid????  I did!

I made them alllll the time  (... and I guess, in a way, I still do!!!)

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We figured it would be a fun way thing to use for the Sunday before/on Valentine's Day in Primary.

Kids can be so funny about "cooties" so let's catch some love (songs!).

Print out our Valentine Cootie Catcher HERE.  Cut and fold.

During Primary, call up a child to choose one of the first four squares (LOVE, VALENTINE, FLOWERS, OR IHEARTYOU.)

Move the paper piece as many letters that is has.

Let them choose a number, move the catcher that many times.

Have them pick one more number and read what's inside!

There is a question to ask first and a corresponding song to sing.

Have fun playing and singing these songs about LOVE!!!

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