New Year's "Sing-It to Win-It"

New Year’s “Sing it to Win It” Primary Singing Time.

This Sunday is the last Sunday of the YEAR!!!! Let’s celebrate, shall we???

I wanted to do something FUN and also something to celebrate the 11 year olds that will be entering into YM and YW.  (Find our leaving primary handouts/gift labels HERE).

ALSO…. 2 of Primary choristers were released (we had 4 total who would take 1 Sunday a month for Singing Time), so I’m planning on having them come in for this Singing Time to have fun and say THANK YOU to them!

So here are my plans for the New Year’s "Sing-It to Win It" Singing Time (played like Minute to Win it) :)

I will have 8  games to play – each is a game to play and also a song to sing.  They don’t have to be played in any particular order and you may choose whichever fun songs you’d like to be sung for each beforehand.  I may not get to all the songs and games, so I may have more than one child per challenge.

1-Midnight Kiss.

Before Singing Time, write 12:00 or midnight on five Hershey KISSES.  I did this by cutting out a small circle on white paper, writing the 12:00, then glueing it to the bottom.  

For this game, lay out 30 chocolate kisses, including the 5 that have 12:00 on the bottom, on the classroom table with the bottoms facing down.

Choose 1 child to go through and select one kiss at a time, trying to find ONE with a 12:00 on the bottom (as everyone else sings a selected fun song). If it has a 12:00, they are done. If it doesn’t have a 12:00, child must eat the chocolate kiss before choosing another.

2-New Year’s Resolution.
Blow up three balloons and write a typical resolution on each of the balloons (for example, read scriptures every day, be nice to younger sibling, pay tithing etc.). Child must keep the three balloons in the air for the song.  (only using 1 or 2 balloons would work too).

3-Top 10 countdown.

Gather 10 small boxes and fill them with jingle bells, 10 in one, 9 in one, 8 in one and so on so that every box has a different number of bells in it.  Child must shake the boxes and out the boxes in countdown order (10 to 1) based on how many balls they think are in the box - 10 on the left and 1 on the right - before the song is over.

4-Sands of Time.

Child must search through a large bucket of sand
 to find letters that spell out P R I M A R Y before the song is over.

5-Hats Off.

Place 3 party hats on the classroom table. Child must bounce (they have to bounce, not roll or throw) ping pong balls
 at the table and attempt to knock off all the party hats before the song is over (use party hats that are nice and light). 

(Find these free printable hats HERE from totschooling.)

6- Ball Drop.

Child must stand on a chair and attempt to drop ping pong balls into a small bowl (or cup) on the ground in front of the chair.  Child must successfully land 3 ping pong balls into the cup (without bouncing out) before the song is over.

7-Count DOWN.

Print THESE 1-12 printable papers from iheartprimarymusic.  Cut and fold at the line. 

For Primary set these numbers 1-12 on the table.  As the children sing the song, the child that was picked must knock the numbers down starting with #1 with the party blowout before the song is over.

8- Don’t look back, Just a head.

For this activity, you will need 2 children and you will need cotton balls (or pom poms) and New Year’s party hats.

Give one child a bag of cotton balls (or pom poms) and give the other a New Year's Eve party hat. (free printable party hats found HERE).

For the game, child 1 must stand behind child 2 and toss cotton balls over the other their head. Child 2 must try to catch the cotton balls without turning around and looking back, just by stretching and reaching to catch the ball.  Try to catch 3 before the song is over!

My boys were pretty excited they did it on the first try! Pretty impressive considering the one holding the hat was closing his eyes!!!  (look closely)   hahaha!

In the end, I hope they have fun on this last Sunday of the year and that the children leaving Primary will feel loved. 
(these singing time “sing it to win it” games were inspired by playpartyplan).
Happy New Year's 2020!!!!!


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