End of Year Gift Labels

Awwww... the 11 year old are leaving into Young Men's and Young Women's this Sunday!!!  They will be missed so much!!!!

On their last Sunday in Primary I wanted to make sure they left with something to let them know they're loved and we will miss them!!!

So I made up a few quick handouts to be printed and attached to an item to give to them.

1-It was a BALL having you in Primary.  Attach in a small bag, a bouncy ball. CLICK HERE for the Printable.

2-You're the BALM.  Attach some chapstick. CLICK HERE for the Printable.

3-You are EXTRA special.  Attached some EXTRA gum.  CLICK HERE for the Printable.

4-It's been a JOY.  Attach an Almond Joy.  CLICK HERE for the Printable.

5-It's been MOUNDS of fun.  Attach a Mound candy.  CLICK HERE for the Printable.

6-You are o-FISH-ally out of Primary.  Attach some Swedish Fish candy.  CLICK HERE for the Printable.

7-We've had a JOLLY good time.  Attach some Jolly Ranchers in a bag.  CLICK HERE for the Printable.

8-You are stu-PEN-dous.  Punch a hole at the top and bottom and slip a pen in the holes.  CLICK HERE for the printable.

9-It was SWEET having you in Primary.  Attach any candy of choice.  CLICK HERE for the Printable.

Have any more brilliant ideas?  Leave us a comment and we can make more labels!


p.s.   we also thought our "All I Need to Know, I Learned in Primary" Bookmarks might be a great idea to handout this Sunday as well.  CLICK HERE for those :)  Just print, punch a hole and laminate, add a ribbon to the top!


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