New Year's Primary Singing Time Ideas!!!!

It's the NEW YEAR!!!!  Time for reflecting, goal setting, and celebrating!!!

We thought it would be helpful to have a little bit of inspiration for some Singing Time Ideas this time of year for Primary so here is our list!!!:

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1-Countdown Clock Balloons!

Start with #1.  Pop balloon to reveal a song to sing inside, and sing that song!

Typically there is not enough time to sing that many songs, so in some of the balloons an option to put inside could be a small treat (like smarties, or tootsie roll) or a quick question to answer, such as a New Year's tradition their family may have, favorite memory from the past year, New Year's resolution/goal, etc.

2-Blowout Song.

For this Singing Time activity, you'll need 12 party blowouts (6 for senior, and 6 for junior).  Before Primary, glue a strip of paper with a song title on it.  Call up a child to blow the blowout to reveal the song.  Sing that song.

3-Seeing 2020????

On the classroom table, layout pairs of silly glasses.  Choose a child to come and pick out a pair.  Let them lead the next song with you wearing the glasses!

4-Party Poppers.

For this Singing Time you'll need 12 Party Poppers (6 for Senior and 6 for Junior).

Before Sunday, pull out the back of each popper and add a song title, return the back to its original place.  (I used tweezers and a safety pin to do this).

Let a child come and pull the string and find the paper to reveal the song to sing!

5-Sing-It to Win-It.

Find our link HERE on iheartprimarymusic for all activities.

The Sing-It to Win-It activities include: Midnight kiss, Ball Drop, Sands of Time, etc.

For each of these activities, called up a child to do the fun challenge before the song is over!

HAPPY NEW YEAR from iheartprimarymusic!!!!!

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