List of Christmas Singing Time Ideas

We thought it would be useful to combine a list of ideas for a Christmas Singing Time.  So we have them all in one place for ya!  Merry Christmas ;)

1-Primary Picture Puzzle.

Each piece of the puzzle represents a song to sing.  Click HERE for the original post.

2-Spin a Dreidel. 

Each side of the dreidel represents a song to sing.

For our original post, including a link to a dreidel template, click HERE.

3-Present Pass.  

Bring 6 small, wrapped presents to Primary with a song title in them.  (Six is how many songs max I usually sing on a Sunday.)  Also bring 6 per singing times.  So if you have a Junior and Senior Singing Time, bring 12 presents.

Start by singing a song and have the children pass the present around the room as they sing.  At the end of the song, whichever child has the present gets to open it and reveal the next Christmas song to sing!  Repeat with each song and present. 

Original post HERE.

4-Candy Cane Lead.

Let the children lead the closing song with a Candy Cane!  Teach them the "time" of that song and all lead together!

5-Christmas Bells.

Call up 3-5 children and let them shake some bells to the beat of the song!  These shakers were made with pipe cleaners and bells!  Perfect for the song Christmas Bells.

6-Silent Night.

This Christmas Primary Singing Time Idea is played like "Silent Singer".

One child goes out in the hall.  Another child is chosen to be the “Silent Singer” - meaning that child “lip sings” the song.  Have the child in the hall come back in and all children sing – except for the silent singer who is lip singing.  See if the child that was in the hall can guess who the “Silent Singer” is.  Finish singing the Christmas Song even if they guess before it’s over!

This is a great activity if you need to practice Christmas songs for Sacrament meeting! 

Find the original post on our site HERE.

7-Christmas Handouts.

Sometimes it's nice to give the children a handout to take home.  They can work on this with their family for CFM-FHE or by themselves.  For links to some handouts, CLICK HERE.

8-Symbols of Christmas Memory Match.

Call up a child to turn over 2 squares at a time and see if they can get a match.  If no match, call up another child and let them pick 2, and so on.  Sing a Christmas song when a match is found and read the meaning behind the symbol and why we use them during Christmas time.

For a link to these printables and their meaning, CLICK HERE to our original post.

9-The Sounds of Winter.

This Primary Singing Time activity is a fun one to guess some familiar Winter/Christmas sounds! Choose one child (who is up for a challenge!) to come to the front of the room, have them turn and face the rest of the Primary.  Then, without that child seeing the sound object, make the noise, then have them guess what it is.  Then sing a song!

For a list of possible winter objects/sounds CLICK HERE.

10-Four Corners Christmas.

In the 4 corners of the Primary room, put a picture of Jesus, the 3 Wise Men, Manger, and Mary.

Put only 1 picture in each corner.
Choose 4 children to stand at each corner.
The music leader randomly selects one of the 4 images from a bowl.
The child in that corner gets to choose the next Christmas song to sing (and then sits down and another child takes their place).

The children love to wait and see if their corner is selected!!! ...or not; and see how long they can stay in the game!!!

Original Post HERE.

11-Musical Night in Bethlehem.

Read a scripture that tells a part of the "Night in Bethlehem" when Jesus was born, then build a Nativity with a piece from that scripture.

Keep the music going the whole time!  Even in between songs and reading the scriptures, have the piano play softly.  CLICK HERE for more instructions and a free printable!!!

We hope one if these ideas can help inspire you this month for your Singing Time!!!


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