The Sounds of Winter

This Primary Singing Time activity is a fun one to guess some familiar Winter/Christmas sounds! 

There are sooo many special and unique sounds to the winter season and Christmas!!!!  Can you hear them yet??????

Choose one child (who is up for a challenge!) to come to the front of the room, have them turn and face the rest of the Primary.  Then, without that child seeing the sound object, make the noise, then have them guess what it is.  Then sing a song!

Here is a list that we came up with for some Winter/Christmas sounds: (and how to make the sound for guessing)

Bell ring (ring bell)
Nutcracker crack (crack a nut in a nutcracker)
Flute (play flute or a french horn)
Car Horn (honk a horn)
Wrapping paper crinkle (crumple up paper in your hands)
Tape dispensing (pull a long strand of tape from dispenser and cut)
Fireplace crackle (break dead sticks)
Newborn baby cry (play sound on phone)
Sawing wood (like cutting down Christmas tree - saw a small broken off branch)
Whipped topping (for pumpkin pie and hot cocoa - shake and press)
Candy cane crunch (either break in hands or crunch in teeth!)
Reindeer Antlers (rub antlers together)

If they can't guess the sound, make the sound again... and again.  If they don't get it after a few times.  Let them turn around and see what it was!  Make sure to have the other children be quiet so they don't give it away!  Than sing a Primary song :)

Have another idea for a sound??  We'd love to add it to the list!  Leave us a comment!!!



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