Kindness Begins With Me

I love using POSTERS as visuals!  POSTERS are big, colorful, engaging, interesting, and can tell the story of the song!

Yes, they can be a pain to drag around and store, but I love them!!!

Having said that, I thought I'd share the poster visual I made for Kindness Begins with Me.  I went to Walmart to get a white poster board for it and found this fun one with sparkles on the border!


To use this song in singing time, you could use the Gobble Gooble Turkey idea.  As the children sing, watch to see who is sing their best and from their heart.  Pass out pom poms or cotton balls to those children after the song.  Have them tell a way to be kind, something they've done to be kind, or a way that was shown kindness to them - and then have them put their pom pom or cotton ball in.

One of the repeated things I say to my children as home is, "It's always best to be kind".  and Jesus Christ was THE ULTIMATE example of kindness!!!

We KIND-ly thank you for visiting our site today!!!


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