Hi all!  I’m on Spring Break this week but I thought I’d quickly share what I plan to do when I get back for Sunday’s Primary Singing Time:

I will call up a child to stand at the front of the Primary Room and be “Moses” (fake beard and robe). Then read 1 Nephi 4:2.

When the Pharaoh told Moses and his people to leave Egypt, while they were fleeing, Moses parted the Red Sea “HITHER and THITHER” so they could flea to safety on dry ground.

I will have have “Moses” at the front and I will roll a blue table cloth down the middle isle of the room (the Red Sea).

One side of the kids/chairs will be named HITHER and the other side of the Red Sea, THITHER.

(All this should take maybe 3 minutes to do)

We will sing Gethsemane (our Easter Sacrament song) and a few others.  As we sing, “Moses” will hold up STOP and GO signs for the Hither and Thither sides, and switch them as we sing.  I also have soft and loud signs and will chose another child to be “Moses”.

You could also have Moses be the judge of who’s side was loudest/sang all the words/best.  Or just have Moses lead with a staff/cane.

At the end, I’ll read the last part of the scripture: “and the armies of Pharaoh did follow and were drowned in the waters of the Red Sea.” And bear my testimony of faith, following the Prophet, and keeping the commandments.

I’ll have all the children follow me and “swim stroke” their arms like they are swimming and then take some deep breaths before the closing prayer.  Don’t drown like the Army of the Pharaoh!!! Follow the Prophet, he knows the way!!!

Good luck on your Singing Time!!


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