Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors Primary Singing Time Idea

 This Singing Time is a simple and fun one .. and yummy!

At the start of Singing Time, explain that Jacob loved his son, Joseph very much and gave him a specail gift - a coat of many colors.

To incorporate this into Singing Time, separate skittle colors into their individual colors.  Call up a child to cover their eyes.  Pick one color of skittle, put it in their other hand, let them eat it and guess the color that it was!

If they were right, they get to pick the Primary song to sing.  If they guess incorrect, YOU get to pick the song!  My Primary children had a lot of fun with this!

At the end, explain that Joseph's older brothers were jealous of Joseph and were very mean to him.  in the end, Joseph was nice and forgiving back to them!  Later in life, when his brothers were starving from a famine, Joseph helped them get food.  

Send the Primary children home with a small bag of skittles - just as Joseph shared!


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