Jacob's Ladder Love One Another

 This week in Come Follow Me, it covers the scripture story of Jacob's dream of the ladder going up to heaven.

It's also the start of a new month and song - so I've incorporated a singing lesson for both things!  

This month, I have chosen to teach Love Another and the sign language for it.

I've printed out the signing from the Primary Children's song book, cut the lines into strips, and hot glued them onto cardboard.

To start, I will cover up the words with another short strip of paper, sign the first line of the song, and let the children will guess which line I signed.  Once they've guess it, I will put it on the ladder and teach them how to sing it, and sign it.  

Then I will do the same for the second, line - sign it, let them guess, add it to the ladder, teach the words and signs.  Then sing and sign the first and second lines together.

Repeat for the third and fourth lines.

Once they've learned the whole song, choose a child to take one of the lines OFF the ladder.  See if they can remember the signs without watching you!  Repeat until all lines are off.

At the end, bare testimony that just as it takes STEPS to learn the signs and words of a song, it takes STEPS to get back to heaven.  Baptism, temple work, keeping the commandments, etc. are all steps we need to take to get back to the highest degree of the celestial kingdom.

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Happy Singing!


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