Enoch Primary Singing Time

In this weeks Come, Follow Me Primary Lesson, we are learning about ENOCH and his righteous people.  In Moses chapter 7 verse 69, the scriptures tell us that Moses and his people went up to live with Heavenly Father.

So for this week in Primary Singing Time, I thought it would be fun to have our songs "go to heaven".  But only if they're GOOD enough of course.

Start by singing the 2nd verse of FOLLOW THE PROPHET and quickly explain the story of how Enoch and his people of Zion were so GOOD and of one heart and one mind, that they went up to live in heaven!

Bring 7 balloons with the song titles written on them (I do Junior and Senior singing time so I will bring 14 balloons total).

(My permanent marker was on it's last leg.. don't judge.  It's just baaaaarely legible :))

Pick one balloon (or let a child pick one).  Sing that song - but use the balloon as a fun singing meter as you sing it.  So as you are singing the song, pull the balloon low (have children sing soft and quietly) and let it raise high (sing loudly).   Up and down throughout the whole song.

If they sang the song "GOOD" enough, let the balloon either:
1-Let it go and hit the ceiling of the primary room 
2-(this is what I will be doing) Let the song balloon go out the window and go to heaven!!!!!

The songs I've chosen to sing are:

I Know My Father Lives (our monthly song)
I'll Walk With You
I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus
A Happy Family
Our Primary Colors
Love One Another

After each song is sung, I like to talk about the words they convey and mean.  So I will quickly talk/discuss the words' meaning after we sing it and also how Enoch and his people must have followed their words as well.

I hope this helps inspire someone this week!  Good luck with your singing time!!!!!

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