Back to School Primary Singing Time

 Hello everyone!!!  Looking for an easy Back to School Primary Singing Time Idea?

...aaaaand practice songs for the Primary Program????

This might be the post you're looking for!

My life has been busier than ever and maybe yours has too - that means some weeks I need an idea that's easy, fast, and yet still fun and engaging.

This is what we did this week in Singing Time:

I had a brown paper sack on the table.  I told the kids that we were going to play a Back to School game and sing!

I pulled out the Back to School items, one by one, and set them on the table.  

I chose one child to come up and pick an item, then picked another child to be the "finder".  The finder went out in the hall, then the other child hid the item.  Calling the child back into the Primary room, we sang the chosen song (we chose I Wonder When He Comes Again to practice).  Whispering when the "finder child" was far away from the item and singing loud when they got closer.

Easy Hot N' Cold game, right?

Well, if your Senior Primary is like mine, they are reeeeeally good finders.  So I thought it could be fun to save the calculator for the last time (or 2 last times) for the game.  Type a number on the calculator, then hide it.  When they find it, they also have to find the same cooresponding page number in the Children's Song Book before the end of the song being sung!

For the closing song, I chose a reverent child to come up and lead with the ruler :)

- - -  - - - - - -  - - - - - -  - - - - - - -

ANOTHER BACK TO SCHOOL IDEA is to buy PENCILS for each child (unsharpened!). Pass them out. 

-Let them led with their pencils for the first song, 
-Drum on their chair (or floor) for the next, 
-Baton twirl between fingers for one song (tell them to hold the pencil like they’re going to write something, then rotate it around so the eraser end is down, then repeat -only use one hand!),
-Inchworm (with one hand, inch the fingers like an inchworm from the eraser end to the tip and back).  
-Before church put a star on one of the erasers (let that child come up and lead in front for a song).

What other ideas can YOU come up with for pencils in Singing Time???  We'd love to hear! and we hope these ideas can help you with your Back to School Primary Singing Time!!!!



  1. Perfect, thank you. You're so awesome!!!

  2. We had the best time doing your Back to School Hot and Cold game today!!! We LOVE I ❤️ Primary Music. Thank you thank you thank you!!

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