Wake Up, Dad!!! A Father's Day Primary Singing Time Idea

I have to start off by saying, this Wake-Up Dad! Father's Day Primary Singing Time visual is a copy-cat from the Latter-Day Saint Primary Music Leaders page on Facebook, posted by Virginia Richins (on June 6th, 2021).  This Facebook group is so wonderful for all ideas and things Primary Music.  The link to the page is HERE.  I absolutely LOVED Virginia's idea and custom painted "dad" by her husband, and couldn't wait to make one for my Primary children too!

I painted this "dad" face on a white poster board, cut out the eyes (yes, this felt weird/wrong in doing), also painted the "back eyes" and tie on another poster board, then cut it out, and slit a line under his chin (see pictures) :)

For Primary, I put magnets on the front poster board to stick Dad onto the chalkboard in the Primary Room. 

We had 2 chalkboards in the Primary Room today (not typical), so I pinned some of my husbands old ties onto the other board.  Each tie having a song to sing pinned onto it.

(As you know, Primary Singing Time is very busy, so I forgot to get a picture of the ties and poster on the chalkboard during actual Primary.  But you could also just use paper ties.  I cut these ties pictured above out of scrapbook paper from a different activity).

For Singing Time, I called up a reverent child, let them pick a tie, read the song title, and had the child put on the tie to lead the song.  

As we sang, I pulled dad's tie up and down to "wake him up" according to how LOUD they sang the words.  The quieter they sang, the more he fell asleep.  They did pretty good for being rusty on most songs from our Covid break!

We made sure to have Daddy's Homecoming as a song choice, and My Dad.  Those are the two we plan to sing next week in Sacrament Meeting for Father's Day. 

The kids had a lot of fun watching dad to see if they could keep him awake for the songs!

You can see a video of the mechanics of his eyes opening on our Instagram page, @iheartprimarymusic.


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