Mother's Day Primary Singing Time Idea (virtual friendly)


This is N O T fashion advice for your Singing Time!!!!!  This is a fun way to practice your Mother's Day Primary song's for Sacrament Meeting or just for reviewing Spring and Mother's Day songs!

Our ward is meeting for Primary Singing Time virtually once a month, we did this fun Singing Time in celebration of upcoming Mother's Day last week and it was sooooo fun :)

Here's the idea:

Arrive dressed in many fun layers (things MOTHER'S would wear).  For example earrings, necklace, gloves, purse, shoes, scarf, lipstick, glasses etc).

Sing with the children the song of choice, then JUMP out of camera (yes! literally, JUMP!), switch/take off/or add an item of your outfit, then JUMP back in view (or go behind the piano or chalkboard if in-person).  

Do you SPOT the Difference?????


Then, start singing the same song for review (or another song of choice).  By the end of the song, have them raise their hand if they SPOT THE DIFFERENCE!!!!

So fun to get them focusing and singing over and over.

To get reeeeeeeeal tricky, change T W O items!!!

Happy Singing Times!!!!!!


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