A Pillar of Light: Joseph Smith's First Prayer Singing Time


Joseph Smith's Frist Prayer (hymn 26) is one of this months suggested songs for 2021.  And also the Doctrine and Covenants is our book of scripture we are learning this year, so I thought this song would be great to introduce first this year  :) 

Currently my ward is doing a virtual singing time on the 5th Sunday's and I also split with my awesome music leader partner.   So for this Singing Time Activity I plan doing it with my children at home.  And you can too!  All you need is a flashlight!  

Also, you can print the song visual we created HERE of Joseph Smith's First Prayer.  Read/review the FIRST VERSE together.  Tell the children for this verse we will be holding the flashlight down or outwards like we are looking/searching for the perfect spot to pray.  Just as Joseph did.

Sing the first verse all together, room lights low/dark, and move the flash lights back-and-forth as said.

For the SECOND VERSE, read the lines all together and tell them they are going to kneel, as Joseph did, and point the flash light up on their face.  Sing all together (displaying the words from the flipchart linked above).

For the THIRD VERSE, first read the lines all together, and tell them to hold the flashlight over their heads.  Just as the PILLAR OF LIGHT came down upon Joseph.  Sing the verse.

For the last two lines that are repeated (While appeared two Heavenly Beings..) you may have them hold up 2 fingers  and shine the light on the wall making a shadow of "TWO beings".

And for the FOURTH VERSE, first read the lines all together, and tell them to hold the flashlight up towards the ceiling.  As if they are listening to the Lord and Jesus as Joseph did.  Sing all together.

I hope you get the idea. It was really hard to take pictures in the dark!  

My hope is that as the sweet children learn the words and story of Joseph's First Vision, they can feel the Spirit testifying that it is TRUE!!!!  A scripture that would work well with this Singing Time is Joseph Smith History 1:16.

We are excited to learn and study this year in the Doctrine and Covenants and grow our testimonies of Joseph Smith!!!

*****For some awesome ideas on how to teach this song in Primary Singing Time, CLICK HERE and check out LDSPrimaryPrintables.



  1. Thank you for all you are doing for our kids.
    Sister Frossasco

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