2021 Primary Singing Time Song List

HAPPY NEW YEAR Primary Music Leaders!!!

If you're like us, you like to have your songs laid out in order for each month.  So we created one to share!!!


**Now, remember, you don't have to teach all songs for the month.  Goodness!  Now that was almost impossible in 2019.  This is 2021 people.  You're lucky if your area is doing A N Y T H I N G.  

It says on the church's website under Instructions for Singing Time:

"The purpose of singing time is to help children deepen their faith in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ through music. The Primary presidency and music leader select songs for each month with this purpose in mind. The songs should reinforce principles the children are learning about the gospel of Jesus Christ in their classes and at home. A list of songs that reinforce these principles is included in this guide. These songs are also suggested in the outlines in Come, Follow Me—For Primary."

Well without further adieu, here is the song list we put together.  We hope it can help someone!  

For a pdf, CLICK HERE.

Here's to a NEW YEAR in Primary!!!


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